The easiest ever pumpkin activity for toddlers or preschool! No free printable needed-you can handle this no matter what your art skills. This buys you time while you prep for your holiday events.

The title is true. This activity for toddlers or activity for preschool is the absolute easiest activity ever for kids. So easy, I was not sure I should even share. I thought it might be too easy! But, in the spirit of this blog, no idea is too easy or too simple to share-if it works….and this easy pumpkin activity for toddlers or preschool works!

If you need an activity to keep the kids occupied while you are scooping out pumpkins, getting them ready to carve, or are preparing for a holiday event, try this. My toddlers worked on this for 20 minutes! In toddler time that is huge! No matter your art skills, you can handle this-I promise.


white paper (printer paper or construction paper works well)

black marker


Prepare the Pumpkin Activity for Toddlers

Step 1) Draw a pumpkin on a piece of white paper using the black marker. Add a stem, vine and leaves if desired. You can see in my photo that my drawing is not perfect, and your child won’t mind if your’s isn’t either. The absolute easiest pumpkin activity for toddlers EVER! Step 2) Give your toddler or preschooler the coloring sheet and a few crayons. (No tray needed!) Step 3) Coloring time! This has to be the easiest pumpkin activity for toddlers ever-and it kept my toddlers occupied for 20 minutes! Step 4) Get some stuff done, mom! đŸ™‚ I was in the kitchen which is very near where my twin toddlers were coloring. I could watch and listen for the sound of crayons on the walls or furniture-these two make it a sport to color on the walls, so I have to be right there to supervise.

For an additional fall activity for toddlers, try making these fall tissue paper suncatchers.

No kidding, this toddler pumpkin activity-the easiest pumpkin activity for toddlers-lasted 20 minutes. I emptied the dishwasher, re-loaded it with dirty dishes, and started dinner! Sometimes the simple activities really work.

What do you think? Is this the easiest pumpkin activity ever?

Make sure you Pin it so that other moms can take advantage of this too!

Got a toddler? This is the easiest pumpkin activity ever for toddlers! Great for preschool too.

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