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Ditch the stress this Christmas. This plan will help you keep stress-free Christmas prep on the list and all the rest of the stuff off!

There are 4 ways to reduce stress as you get moving with your Christmas prep and holiday planning. I am a fan of a stress-free holiday, but stress can happen when you add more people to your house, create loads of excitement with the anticipation of new gifts and have to be even more on top of cleaning so that your house is presentable-and livable-when family is coming and going.

Stress-Free Christmas Prep is possible!

My approach is simple: keep my perspective on why Christmas is important, and then the rest just falls into place…with a little planning and work.

This is not stressful work, though. We are keeping our Christmas prep simple and stress-free.

4 Tips for Stress-Free Christmas Prep

1. Use a few homemaking shortcuts

These 4 tips for busy moms help with quick desserts or quick cleaning. You can even grab 4 holiday cookie recipes to change things up, and keep life simple during your holiday baking.

I like to use one cleaner for everything in my home, so there is less clutter and less fuss. Plus, when your mom or sister asks what cleaner to use for whatever mess, you have one bottle so there is no confusion.

If you like the binder approach to holiday planning, create this simple and quick holiday planning binder to get gift lists, grocery lists and any planned event info all in one place. This helps me so much with large family gatherings.

Speaking of large family gatherings, make up this 2-minute room and linen spray to keep rugs, bathrooms and pillows smelling fresh. When the house smells clean, the clutter seems a little less stressful!

2. Get rid of the stress….right now!

Taking care of yourself is key! Diffuse some Stress Away or Christmas Spirit to support your body’s ability to feel relaxed. (If you have not tried essential oils for this, it’s time!)

Ditch the idea that Christmas can even be perfect. It can’t if we focus too much on the little details. This can be hard, because Christmas can seem like one big holiday that combines a bunch of little details, but you must let it go. Stop trying to make Christmas perfect, today.

The no-stress guide for holiday planning is a must-read. Cleaning tips, toy storage, and tons of perspective keep you focused on what matters and letting go of what does not in the long run.

3. Keep the gift-giving S.I.M.P.L.E

I am a big fan of DIY gifts made from simple ingredients. They save me money while allowing me to make gifts that personalized to each recipient.

I always get appreciative comments when I create bath salts or hand and foot cream for teachers gifts and stocking stuffers. This facial cleanser is so simple. You can add it to a gift basket with bath salts and hand cream for a great spa day in a gift.

DIY gifts are too easy and a great way to save money. Add in some wellness support with pure essential oils. This makes them truly personalized gifts.

4. Above all keep some holiday perspective

Whether your family gives lots of gifts or can barely afford to make a few family members some simple DIY gifts, the reason for the season should reduce stress in all of our lives.

Jesus’ birth was a release from stress about how our lives will end up in the end. Take hold of that promise and cling tightly to what Christmas is all about.

Remember what God has called you to do as a wife and mother with these quotes of encouragement for moms.

We can teach our children the lessons of Advent and Jesus’ birthday with activities that teach the reason of this season.

I think focusing on teaching my children what I want them to remember at Christmas helps settle their over-excitement for receiving gifts. It keeps my mind focused on what is most important at Christmastime too.

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If all of that doesn’t work to reduce your stress level, then join us over in our private Facebook group to share with other moms who are probably feeing the same stresses as you right about now too.

Ditch the stress this Christmas. This plan will help you keep stress-free Christmas prep on the list and all the rest of the stuff off!

What are focusing on to keep this Christmas stress-free and merry?