Take an active role in your family's finances-tax preparation and H&R Block Online Preparation Services are a great resource for tax filing.
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I have e-filed our taxes using H&R Block for about 6 years now. (Long before agreeing to write this post on behalf of H&R Block as a member of the Shopathome.com Blogger Team.) I have been working through each tax season using their online services. Being a full-time mom means caring for the house, the kids, and often puts moms in the prime position to keep watch over the family budget. Every household is different, but in my house, I am the bill payer, budget balancer and tax preparer.

I am not a financial wiz. I told you about how I learned to set up a household budget and maintain it even as a child. As parents we have to teach our children about finances or they will struggle with it later in life. Taxes are a part of being financially aware because we do not get to choose to pay them or not.

I do not have a degree or credentials in finance. My dad taught me a lot about money management, but when it comes to filing our household taxes, I need help. H&R Block Tax Preparation Services online has been really helpful for me.

As a stay-at-home-mom, participating in managing the family finances is important. My husband earns a paycheck, but by managing it I make sure that it is viewed as our money.

Taxes do not have to be intimidating. The online filing services provided by H&R Block are simple to follow-the program walks you through a series of simple questions that you answer. It is very easy. Plus, if you get stuck (which I did when my husband was deployed), you have access to real-time help directly from H&R Block (in store or online).They are offering some discounts and cash back deals as you prep for this year’s tax season.

Right now, it is free to efile your Federal return and H&R Block offers a $9.99 low rate for filing your state return. You can also receive discounts or cash back just for filing through H&R Block online.

I will be filing our household taxes through H&R Block this year and I encourage you to check it out. You can always start the process to see how you like it first. No payment needs to be submitted until you are ready to file.H&R Block started as a family-run business started by two brothers. Think of your family as a small business-you have a budget, an income, and you need to manage it to benefit all members.

Taxes are one part of maintaining a household budget. To view and download my free household budget template for your private use, click here. It is the same template we use in my house to keep track of our monthly budget.

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I am not a financial adviser and can not offer tax preparation, filing or audit advice to you. This is not a guarantee of a refund or that you will be able to select the $9.99 rate of filing your state return. Each household’s financial and tax situation is different. Please contact a professional tax preparer with questions.