These tips for natural baby care are so helpful for saving money and using natural products.

It was the third time we visited the doctor for my son’s skin rash. Living in a humid climate could have been the cause, and we tried the prescribed treatments. Nothing was working. Worse yet were the side effects listed on the tube of cream the doctor recommended. No one ever suggested natural baby care tips. I started to look into it on my own.

Caring for our babies is precious work. It takes time, research, weighing the options, and finally going with your gut. I wish someone would have shared these natural baby care tips earlier! They have been time and money-saving for our family. Nothing beats being able to use natural products safely with our kids.

I didn’t want to put my kids in a position to be dependent on creams that had long term side effects and really were not recommended for longer term use with children at all. My mom instincts kept nagging at me. I wanted to seek other options. Options that didn’t come with a long list of side effects.

I knew as someone who was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease what kind of situation occurs when we rely solely on treating symptoms rather than supporting body systems. Side effects and treatments, and long term effects that lead to more medicating rather than supporting the body to function as it was intended and designed by God.

I know people get annoyed when they are invited to Facebook events that teach about natural wellness, BUT I was saved by my friend doing just that. She allowed me to have my mind opened to more options for supporting the health of myself and my family. It was knowledge beyond my wildest dreams.

Although I am not a doctor, I can do my own research-we all can as moms and dads. The knowledge is out there to use natural products and solutions for supporting the health of ourselves and our babies. It saves time and money too!

Natural Baby Care Tips

These 8 Natural Baby Care Tips are what has worked for us. I pray they will be a solution in your household too. Nothing beats being able to use natural options first.

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.

8 Natural Baby Care Tips for Moms and Dads

Supporting Baby Sleeping

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.Sleep seems so hard to get for some of us mamas. My babies never slept well in their first year. Since using tips for supporting baby’s restful sleep, all are feeling rested in our house.

Simply spraying a Lavender and water mixture onto baby’s bedding, or creating this simple DIY baby massage cream helps baby ease into sleep.

Supporting a Calm Baby

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.

In the wee hours of the morning, baby’s cries can seem to go on forever. When your baby has colic this just makes your patience even more necessary. Supporting baby’s mood so that they can weather the storm of all the transitions of infancy can be done with natural baby care tips.

A roller bottle of Stress Away can be applied to mama and baby to help keep all calm in challenging situations. Essential oils have the ability to reach the limbic lobe of the brain where emotions are controlled. They are an amazing tool to support calm behavior in babies and kids.

Baby Tummy Support

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.

Baby’s tummy can leave us wondering about our food choices, nursing or formula, and gas. We can keep baby’s tummy happy and support their digestive system as well.

DiGize and TummyGize are our favorite natural baby care tools for tummy support. TummyGize is even diluted in the bottle so you can apply over baby’s belly or on his feet to soothe the gut. For younger ones, dilulte DiGize 1:4 in a roller bottle so you have tummy support any time, easily.

Keeping Babies Skin Healthy

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.Natural products help keep healthy skin healthy. What a concept!

Instead of waiting for baby to show signs of rash like my son had why not support skin so that it can stay well? This is my approach!

Lavender again is a great oil for skin as well as Melrose. They can be diluted in this baby lotion recipe and applied to baby’s skin after bath time. Such a great smelling and helpful addition to the bathtime routine.

Keeping Baby Well

8 natural baby care tips for moms and dads.Nothing makes you feel more powerless as a mom than having a sick baby. The great benefit to essential oils is that they have a therapeutic effect on the body. They support the body’s immune response so it can work at its best.

Our babies need support for their natural defenses, and diffusing throughout the day and night helps. Great oils like SniffleEase and Myrtle, or Lemon can be absorbed by the body and support the body internally so it stays well. This has made all the difference in our house.

No more yucky Lysol sprays. Did you ever read the label? You are supposed to clean off all surfaces after spraying Lysol. Clorox wipes are the same.

We diffuse. Much simpler.

Comfort Baby During Teething

8 natural baby care tips to help parents care for their babies simply.Just as we get our baby to sleep at night-or at least in longer stretches-teething happens. Help calm baby and support those sleepless nights with great oils.

Keep this baby gum balm on hand to use as needed.

Baby Gum Balm

1 Tablespoon Coconut oil

1-3 drops each of Frankincense and Copaiba essential oils.

Mix together in a glass jar. Simple dip you finger in the balm and massage on baby’s gums every two hours.

Soothe Baby’s Gentle Skin

8 natural baby care tips to help parents care for their babies simply.

Diapering can lead to skin troubles. Protecting skin proactively will soothe baby’s skin and help keep it protected.

We love Tender Tush ointment for this! Traditional diaper creams contain petroleum products which do not support skin working as it is supposed to. Natural just makes sense.

Purifying the Home with Non-Toxic Cleaners

8 natural baby care tips to help parents care for their babies simply.

When my kids started asking if they could help me clean the windows, it put new perspective on the cleaners I chose to use. When I learned that there was a plant-based cleaner, that had been university-tested, I had to try it!

Many essential oils help purify your surfaces, but Thieves cleaner is so concentrated and can replace every cleaner in your house.

I know my kids are not touching harmful chemicals when they use Thieves cleaner to help me clean, and I am instilling responsibility by allowing them to help me. That is the best part!

I shared all the reasons why I love Thieves cleaner. One bottle lasts months because it is so concentrated!

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What natural baby care tips have worked for you?

These tips for natural baby care are so helpful for saving money and using natural products.