Fighting depression as a mom does not mean you have to fight alone.

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Our four-day hospital stay with our first born was spent holding our happy infant almost every minute. That filled our time with peace. We were so content to just rest together. My husband and I were glad to go home, of course, but on the way out of the hospital door we both became aware that we were alone without the support of caring nurses.

As we buckled our tiny newborn in his car seat, fear came crashing down. Emotions swept over me as I realized that I was taking home my little one who was dependent on me. That first drive with our precious gift was painfully scary.

Our first few weeks home with Justin was filled with tears, anxieties, and exhaustion. It was one of my weakest moments in my whole life. It was a time where I was unable to carry on with my own strength. Fighting depression as a mom was challenging.

I have struggled with depression off and on throughout my life. I have had weak moments where I needed someone to pull me out of my pit. We all have been there-fighting depression as a mom-from time to time, haven’t we? Yet, all our stories are slightly different.

Maybe you are there today.

Fighting Depression as a Mom

I had my amazing and supportive husband. When he went back to work, though, I had to find strength to beat the depression that was knocking at my door. I had to lean on the One who I always believed in.

I had to lean on God.

I learned that in my weakest moments, I was blessed with caring friends and family who love me. Rest always helps. I listen to worship and praise music. I put God’s word before me. I love prayer and homemade cookies from those who understand.

It always helps me when I go out with a girlfriend for some tea or coffee, to hear her say, “Me too”.

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I feel strong when I meet Jesus in prayer. I feel hopeful when I put all my fears before God and leave them there.

My husband and I both agree that a new chapter started in our life when our first born son entered the world in July 2008. No longer were we just the two of us.

We became parents who immediately fell in love with our gift sent from God. Instantly our hearts lit up with love.

Our hearts still beat wildly for Justin and his little sister today. I have a feeling that this love for them can only roar like a fearless river that has no end.

I learned through fighting depression as a mom, in my weakest moments, God will not abandon me. I am His and He so carefully crafted me inside of my mother’s womb, making me to be brave in Him today and every day!

We can be brave in Him.

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Fighting depression as a mom does not mean you have to fight alone.

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