Natural tips for supporting your child's seasonal allergies. Help your child breathe easy with these ideas.

If you’re like me and living in the great Midwest, the summer season has yet to arrive in all its glory.  We’re still stuck somewhere between transitioning from spring to summer with a lot of heavy rains and high winds.  Unfortunately, most kids who suffer from seasonal allergies are not too happy with that. 

After the long winter season, all they want to do is be in the great outdoors and enjoy their summer vacation ‘freedom.’ 

If your kids suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re in the right place. 

Fortunately, there are small, easy natural tips for supporting your child’s seasonal allergies so they can breathe easy. These measures that you can take to keep your kiddos comfortable during these uncomfortable times are easy to implement. 

Before we delve into what works for my family, here’s a short explanation of what exactly an allergy is.  

Supporting Your Child’s Seasonal Allergies

According to WebMD, an allergic reaction is when your immune system reacts to some foreign substance (usually harmless) and triggers a reaction in your body.  For kids and adults who have seasonal allergies, the most common triggers are pollen, grass, dust, and mold.  These people suffer from sneezing, itchy, runny eyes and nose. 

Sometimes, kids who have asthma also have flare-ups during this season.  In that case, it’s always necessary to have proper medication on hand, such as a rescue inhaler or other medicines that your pediatrician has prescribed. 

Here is a list of my top ways to manage seasonal allergies in my kids. 

Top Ways to Manage Seasonal Allergies in Kids

Refrain from outdoor exposure on days when it’s windy. 

Pollen, dust and other microbes are easily carried by the wind.  On those days, it’s also best to keep windows and doors closed to prevent pollen and dust from entering your home.

Since pollen is the main culprit of seasonal allergies, limit outdoor play to late afternoon and early evening.  Grass and weed pollen usually peak during the morning hours.  

Make sure the kiddos shower and have a fresh change of clothes when they come back from outdoor play. 

You do not want the pollen following your kids home.  Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from grassy fields. Play structures that do not have too much grass and trees around them are ideal. 

Wash the bed sheets once every two weeks to keep dust mites at bay. 

These are pesky little bugs that love the warmth and humidity of the bedding.  They are among the top causes of asthma flare-ups and are not so easy to get rid of. 

If your kiddos or someone in the household suffer from allergies to dust mites, it’s a good option to invest in a mite-proof pillow and mattress covers.  

If your little one is really having a tough time with allergy management, a trip to the doctor’s office may be in order. 

There are specific allergen tests that can be done to identify the culprit, and they can give you a better plan to manage your child’s allergies.  

As far as natural support for clear breathing, Jaimi uses the LLP blend of essential oils on her children and herself. It helps take the edge off of the sinuses when they are being bombarded by outdoor or indoor allergens.

She explains more in her video on Youtube.

You can get your own essential oil starter kit here.

I hope these small and easy tricks will help you in supporting your child’s seasonal allergies so they stay under control.  What are ways you have managed a more allergy-free home?

Natural tips for supporting your child's seasonal allergies. Help your child breathe easy with these ideas.

Sumble Khan is a freelance health and science writer with a Bachelor in Biology. She is the mother of 2 beautiful and highly spirited boys and has almost 10 years of SAHM experience.