Great Fall toddler activities to try!

Toddlers and pumpkin patches are just about made for each other. But, what other fall toddler activities can you do when pumpkin patch season ends?

Having tried these Fall toddler activities with each of my 4 kids, they are favorites for October and November.

Whether you live where the leaves change color or not, these Fall activities for Toddlers will keep your toddler engaged and learning throughout the season.

Fall Toddler Activities

Fall is my favorite time of year. Bundled up in a hoodie my kids were so cute. Chilly air, bright Fall colors and pumpkin time just spells fun. Hands-on Fall Activities for Toddlers make it even better!


Toddler Activities to do in the Fall

Pumpkin Sensory Play

Big and round and orange, pumpkins are perfect for toddler fun. Varieties of colors, shapes and sizes of gourds are the perfect Fall simple sensory exploration.

When my twins were toddlers, they had a ball with getting hands-on with some fun pumpkins and gourds.

Pumpkin DIY Puzzles for Toddlers

Take some baking pumpkins of different sizes and they easily can be transformed into puzzles. This is a really great spatial reasoning activity for toddlers.

Hands-on puzzles made from pumpkins is a great one to try this Fall.

Fall Themed Sink and Float

Your toddler will love exploring whether Fall findings sink or float. Collect some leaves and sticks when you are next at the playground. Grab some small pumpkins and gourds at the grocery store. Fill up the water table and experiment.

Place each Fall item into the water to explore which sink and float. Water play for toddlers is always engaging.

Easiest Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

It does not take fancy printables to keep our kiddos creating art. This is the simplest pumpkin coloring sheet ever. My twins loved it when they were toddlers. My big kids still love it today!

It is a perfect pumpkin printable coloring sheet for all ages.

Pumpkin Color Matching for Toddlers

The color matching activity with pumpkins is perfect for toddlers. It only requires some small gourds and construction paper.

Traditional Fall Toddler Activities

Nothing beats simple activities for the whole family. This list of traditional activities to do in the Fall are perfect for toddlers and your older kids.

Explore nature, jump in leaves and explore that pumpkin patch. Most are even free to try!

Fall Songs for Toddlers

Singing with our toddlers is so cute! This list of Fall songs for Toddlers will teach and bring some Fall fun into your days.

Hands-On Fall Toddler Activities

This list of hands-on Fall Toddler activities can be adapted for infants or toddlers. That helps mamas with two age groups at home.

These are also very helpful for preschool kids. They can really talk about what they are learning!

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What Fall toddler activities have you tried with your child?

Great Fall toddler activities to try!