As the warm rays of summer replace the chill of winter, the garden beckons families to step outside and embrace the joy of the great outdoors. This season offers a splendid opportunity to not only get your children more involved in outdoor learning activities but also to use these experiences as educational adventures that bring the family closer together.

From the bouncing delights of 14ft trampolines to the adventurous realms of Climbing Frames, here’s how you can make the most of the sunny days ahead.

A girl and a boy walking on a playground bridge. Text reads creative outdoor learning activities.

Embracing the Joy of Trampolining and Outdoor Learning Activities

A 14ft trampoline can be more than just a fun way to jump around; it’s a versatile tool for physical education and bonding. Trampolining is excellent for improving coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health.

It’s also an opportunity for children to learn about physics concepts such as gravity, momentum, and energy transfer in a practical, exciting way.

Safety First

Before embarking on trampoline activities, it’s crucial to discuss safety. Ensure that the trampoline is equipped with safety nets and padding and that it’s situated on level ground, away from any hazards.

Establish rules like one jumper at a time to prevent collisions and supervise children at all times to ensure they’re following safety guidelines.

Educational Games on the Trampoline

Turn trampoline time into a learning challenge. Simple games like counting jumps can help younger children with their counting skills. For older children, introduce challenges that involve creating shapes in the air or estimating the height of their jumps.

Incorporate tasks that require them to calculate scores based on jump styles or durations, blending physical activity with mathematical thinking.

Discovering the World with Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are not just physical structures but gateways to imaginative worlds that encourage creative play and problem-solving.

They mimic natural environments that can be anything from pirate ships to castles, sparking imagination and encouraging storytelling among children.

child jumping on trampoline

Learning Through Play

Use the climbing frame to create themed learning activities. For example, if it’s a pirate ship, you can engage children in a treasure hunt involving map reading and simple clues hidden around the garden. This activity teaches navigation, spatial awareness, and reading comprehension.

Additionally, enhance the experience by dressing up as pirates, using compasses, and creating an engaging story of lost treasure. These elements not only make learning fun but also help develop critical thinking and teamwork skills as children work together to solve the mystery.

Nature and Science Exploration

Climbing frames also provide a perfect platform for nature-based learning. Set up a bird feeder nearby and use the climbing frame as a hide for watching birds. You can teach children about different species, their diets, and their habits.

Alternatively, have children plant some flowers or vegetables around the base of the climbing frame, giving them a firsthand lesson in biology and the life cycle of plants.

Family Fitness Routine

Incorporate a family fitness routine using both the trampoline and climbing frame. Design a circuit that includes jumping on the trampoline, climbing, swinging, and balancing.

Not only does this keep everyone fit, but it also instils a sense of teamwork and encouragement among family members.

Creative Arts and Crafts

Utilise the outdoor space to inspire creativity. Set up an arts and crafts station near the climbing frame where children can paint or create items that can be used as part of their play.

For instance, they could make flags for their climbing frame castle or costumes for a trampoline performance.

Evening Activities to Unwind

As the day winds down, use the tranquil setting of your garden to bring everyone together for quieter activities. Lay some blankets on the trampoline and gather for a family storytime or stargazing session.

It’s a perfect way to relax, bond, and educate your children about astronomy.

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning Activities

The benefits of integrating learning with outdoor play are extensive. Not only does it help in developing physical skills but it also boosts mental health, improves attention, and enhances cognitive outcomes.

Outdoor learning activities can significantly strengthen family bonds as everyone learns, plays, and explores together.


This summer, make the most of your garden by transforming it into a classroom of fun and adventure. Whether bouncing on a 14ft trampoline or scaling the heights of a climbing frame, the activities you choose can promote not only physical well-being but also educational enrichment and closer family ties.

Embrace these opportunities to create lasting memories that your children will cherish long after the summer fades.