Every household has a roll of duct tape. Whether you have gray, green or another fancy color, duct tape pictures are a cheap kids activity for summer or a rainy day creative project. Duct tape counts as part of the simple art activities and one item activities collection.

We have made these a few different times over the years. Most recently, I gave the kids rolls of duct tape while we were living in our RV. It was a quiet activity that they could do to get some downtime but keep from getting bored.

I think letting kids be kids is such a special gift for them and us. My youngest daughter sat around our table and created a banner with pieces of duct tape. She came up with the idea and carried it through. I just helped tear the duct tape into smaller manageable pieces.

For younger kids you can pre-cut pieces and stick them along the edge of the table. You can see we did that.

Older kids can tear or cut their own pieces. My daughter did cut a few on her own. Always supervise so everyone stays safe when using scissors. I was right next to my daughter while she was using my big scissors.

We used a large piece of paper and multiple pieces of duct tape. The only direction was to create a picture. As is usually the case: My kids wanted to make more than one. Once they start creating, they always want to make more than one creation when we do simple art activities.

Multiple pictures showing the process for creating duct tape pictures process art activity for kids using one item.

Duct Tape Pictures Process for Creating Simple Art with Kids

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large paper and a roll of duct tape
Girl cutting pieces of duct tape for duct tape pictures process art activity.
Child pressing a piece of duct tape onto a large piece of white art paper.

All I do to set this activity up is lay out a piece of paper, and set up some pieces of tape. I stand by to cut more tape pieces as needed.

This is a completely free form art activity. Kids get so creative when we give them unusual items to use to create with.

When we originally did this activity, these are what my older two kids (who were then 5 and 2) created. My son even named his picture an “alien.”

Duct tape pieces on purple construction paper.
Duct tape pieces stuck onto brown construction paper.

While living in our RV, I set the activity up for the kids at our table. My daughter got really creative making a banner for her favorite sport. Here is what she created. Your child’s creativity is free to explore with this art activity making duct tape pictures.

What did your kiddos create?

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Child pulling a piece of duct tape off a roll. Text reads duct tape art: one item activity for kids.