What sounds easier: Potty training a toddler, or teaching a teenager to drive? This ‘would you rather’ game is answered differently by every mom I know.

I am in the minority when it comes to potty training. It was hard for me to teach my children. It is easier to teach my oldest son to drive than it was to potty train him. I would choose teaching a teen to drive over potty training all over again. 😊

Some moms feel confident with potty training. Other moms – like me – need support.

Moms who find potty training tips – or an easy route – and then share it with us are my kinda moms! Any chance I can take to share great potty-training tips or an essential potty training prize chart system that works, I am all on board for that. And, that is exactly what I want to share with you today.

This changes the potty training plan by simplifying things completely!

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Child sitting on training potty, reading a book. Text reads the best potty training system for toddlers all in one potty training system in a box to simplify for success.

The Best Potty Training Prize Chart System for Potty Training Toddlers

Knowing about child development helped ease my stress when it came to potty training. I knew that if I stuck with it, kept things simple, and paid attention to my child’s readiness, that everything would work out…eventually.

If I had a strong system in place to start with, I think we could have navigated potty training in an easier way. That is why I am really excited to share a helpful potty training chart and prize system with you.

This potty-training rewards chart is a simplified and effective system to reward your child every time they use the potty. This is an essential all-in-one system for potty training success.

It ties in to a toddler’s need for that reactive praise when they do something well. That reinforces good behavior.

It is how the toddler brain learns. We must set clear boundaries –reinforced with positive and negative reactions –depending on what our child does.

The developer of the Potty Training Prize Chart System is fellow mom, Amanda Bach. We will be sitting down for a live interview to chat about her potty training system and how the potty training rewards chart works.

You will be able to view the whole chat on the SAHMguide Youtube channel.

Potty Training Rewards Chart

The key with toddlers and preschoolers is shaping behavior immediately. What I mean by that is, reinforce good behavior when it happens with praise and attend to bad behavior immediately with words and consequences.

These days, child development philosophy has fallen away from what children need. You can read about toddler development and preschool development. Both ages need positive or negative reinforcement/consequences.

Children are not mature enough to learn just from words when they need their behavior shaped. That is why rewards that will help your child master potty training are such a key.

This potty-training chart and potty-training tips will be essential to your toilet training whether you are working to potty train your toddler or preschooler. The potty-training rewards system includes a free eBook with all the tips.

The sticker chart helps reinforce a successful action. Your child can be guided to place a sticker on the chart after each successful potty. This also means as a parent we must stick to rewarding for the desired behavior, not just to keep the child’s interest.

Then, when your child achieves their goal, the prizes reinforce that and make the process fun! It is important that we as parents stick to the potty-training rewards chart process. The goal is successfully working to potty training success. Stick to the plan and action steps in the Potty-Training system.

Get Your Potty-Training System for Success

You can get the entire potty-training rewards chart and system in one box. Get yours today because supplies are limited! The potty-training chart and box will give you everything you need to teach your child to potty train successfully.

This is the streamlined approach to potty training. It covers every necessary aspect to help children in these developmental stages achieve the goal of being potty trained.

Quick tips for potty training success:

  • Always follow your child’s developmental lead.
  • Just because other children are potty training does not mean your child is ready.
  • Be consistent and disciplined with the potty-training system for success.
  • Don’t get down on yourself or your child if it takes longer than you first expect.
  • Every child learns at their own pace.

Watch my exclusive interview with Amanda Bach — the developer-mom of the Potty Training Rewards system — that is essential for potty training success!

Facebook Live June 2, 2024 @ 2pm Eastern

Instagram Live June 9, 2024 @ 2pm Eastern

What challenges have you faced with potty training? Leave a comment with your experiences.

All-in-one potty training rewards chart and prizes to simplify potty training with toddlers.