When your child has special dietary needs, you as a parent go into overdrive doing all the research. The tasks include finding all the helpful recipes, kids daily essentials for nutrition, and setting your child’s health as your first priority. I was one of those children and my mom followed that exact plan.

My mom was my advocate. She did all the research. She even brought info to my GI doctors that they had not read or mentioned to us.

A mom who is an advocate for her child is a powerful unbeatable force. The trouble is knowing how to sift through the information. It is so confusing these days.

Who is a good source? What products are clean – for rea?. Which opinions should we listen to?

I am humbled daily by the fact that my children have not had any major health issues. They have no idea what life is like for a child with special needs. Children with special health needs do not live the same life as a healthy child.

Because of my chronic illness, and the fact that my children are all healthy, I want to keep healthy in our home. That is my motivation. I know you want your family to be healthy too.

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Kids Daily Essentials Nutrition

Every day I feel blessed that my children have not yet had to experience a real health challenge. Because I was the one with the health issues, I can teach my children to preserve their good health.

We started early with teaching our children about making healthy choices. Our family does not eat perfectly, but I make choices about what I put in my shopping cart. The foods I bring home are what my children will get used to eating and drinking.

Since I cannot eat and drink a lot of sugar, processed snacks, and sodas, I just don’t buy that stuff. We have some when we are at special events or make baked goods from scratch. I try my best to limit processed sugar as much as possible, but cheats that are healthy help us stay on track. Mom life is busy, so our eating is not always perfect.

What we do daily is provide as much healthy foods as our budget allows. That includes things like quick-grab veggies for snacks. Baby carrots or carrots washed and prepped ahead are easy snacks. Apples, English cucumbers, and nuts are all great options too.

Kids can easily grab them from your snack organization station even as toddlers.

Two kids mixing up protein shakes in small glass jars. Kids daily essentials nutrition whey protein for kids helps keep summer snacks packed with nutrition.

Because our kids have been picky, I look for nutrition supplements for kids that are healthy.

We did this with our latest smoothie recipe. I was looking for a nutritional supplement for my son that has started to have some tummy issues when he eats certain things. I do what I learned from my health journey: Go into preventative mode.

We avoid the trigger foods and start supplementing to support his gut. He has learned so much already at 10 years old as far foods that make his belly hurt and foods that are good for him.

I love that we can teach our children so much so early!

Two kids tasting kids daily essentials whey protein for kids.

Protein Shake for Kids Nutrition

We made a simple protein shake for kids and used Kids’ Daily Essentials from Naked Nutrition. This added more health value into our shake recipe.

You can customize the flavor by adding berries, bananas, or yogurt. When you think about how much nutritional value can go into a shake, it’s so helpful. Kids think they are getting a treat, and you know they are getting health value.

I had my twins help me make the shakes and taste test. They gave their ideas for what to add into their shakes. When we give kids the opportunity to choose from healthy options, they learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

Blender, frozen berries and container of kids daily essentials protein. Summer smoothie recipe for kids to get more nutrition in their snacks.

Our protein shake recipe:

  • Milk
  • Frozen mixed berries and banana slices
  • Kids Daily Essentials Vanilla Protein

Blend it all up in the blender. The kids all enjoyed it from my 16 year old down to the twins. When we can feed our families simple, healthy snacks, it just makes the day feel more balanced.

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Kids Daily Essentials Nutrition Supplement for Kids

The Kids’ Daily Essentials protein is power-packed with helpful nutrients. Protein, vegetable powders, vitamins and minerals are all included. What is not included are artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. All the things we want to leave out!

Child peeking from behind the container of Kids Daily Essentials Vanilla whey protein from Naked Nutrition.

Kid’s Essentials is GMO-free and soy-free. It is also certified gluten free. As far as kids nutrition shake mixes go, you get clean and quality with the Naked Nutrition options.

Picky Eaters Can Eat

Most kids I have met are pretty picky. But, their smart mamas still feed them healthy food and teach them to eat for health. We can’t give in to our children’s picky eating or we encourage it unintentionally.

What we can do is make sure we also include foods our children love and include healthy nutritional supplements for kids. That allows for balance.

Get your child’s health in better balance today! Try Kid’s Daily Essentials Protein.

Container of Kids Daily Essentials Nutrition Shake Mix for Kids.
Kids making protein shakes with kids Daily Essentials protein supplement.