Back to school lunch ideas for healthy breakfast and lunch for kids.

Now that summer is over and the kiddos are back in school (yay!) making sure that they have healthy food (which they will actually eat) is a whole new area that we moms have to tackle. #thestruggleisreal These back to school lunch ideas are a hit in my house.

Back to School Lunch & Breakfast Ideas

After we do a back to school clothes inventory and shopping, next up are lunch ideas. The kids chime in with their favorite school lunches. These simple ideas help kids eat more variety of foods and help me keep school lunches simple.

My oldest is not a morning person and hates breakfast. I, however, have been raised with the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I just cannot send my child to school on an empty stomach.

Banana Berry Milkshake

The best option for him is a quick banana-berry milkshake.

In a blender, just put two bananas, a handful of berries (fresh or frozen), some milk and a bit of honey (substitute for sugar).

Then blend until smooth. That takes care of my older one.

My younger one is more traditional and likes pb and j on bread. Some mornings, I mix it up with different flavor oatmeal, pancakes, boiled eggs, fried eggs with bread etc. 

I have also been experimenting with my kids and trying to figure out what they will actually eat for lunch at school. So far, I have had luck with two spreads.

One is spicy and the other is non-spicy for my two boys whose taste buds widely differ. These can be changed any way you like according to your child’s personal preference.  

Back to school lunch ideas for healthy breakfast and lunch for kids.

Tuna Avocado Spread (non-spicy) 


Canned Tuna


Whole wheat bread




Salt and pepper (to taste) 


Drain the canned tuna.

In a small pan, cook the tuna under medium flame until the meat is cooked. (You can use the tuna straight out of the can, but I like to make sure all meat is properly cooked).

While the meat is still hot, transfer into a mixing bowl and add some butter, salt, and pepper (to taste). Mix thoroughly.

Add the Mayo (or any mayo of your preference), and half a tablespoon of lemon and mix well.

The lemon will take out the ‘fishy smell’ of tuna that so many kids dislike.

Spread the tuna mix on whole wheat bread, add slices of Avocado. Just like that you have a healthy lunch ready for your kids! You can also substitute the Avocado for cucumbers and/or spinach or any other green that your child likes. 

Back to school lunch ideas for healthy breakfast and lunch for kids.

Chicken Tikka Cucumber Spread (mildly spicy) 


Boneless chicken breast 



Salt and pepper (to taste)


Shan Tikka Masala (available at any Indian grocery store)

Whole wheat bread 


Boil the chicken breast until meat is fully cooked. Strain and let cool. Blend in a food processor.

Finely dice half a cucumber, add salt and pepper to taste, along with a pinch or two of chicken tikka masala. Also add the butter and light mayo and mix until the texture is creamy and smooth.

Slather on whole wheat bread and a protein rich, healthy lunch is ready for your kids. 

*Notes: The chicken tikka masala is optional. If your child doesn’t like the flavor, just omit it and you will get a simple chicken-cucumber spread. Both these lunch ideas can be made the night before for a quick grab and go morning. 

I hope these simple, quick and healthy breakfast and lunch ideas inspired you to discover what your kids like. This list of cold lunch ideas for kids is helpful too!

I always like to encourage a mix of different flavors and see which one sparks an interest with my boys. 

Happy and healthy cooking to you! Please share and comment on what your kids like.

Back to school lunch ideas for healthy breakfast and lunch for kids.

Sumble Khan is a freelance health and science writer with a Bachelor in Biology. She is the mother of 2 beautiful and highly spirited boys and has almost 10 years of sahm experience.