Portable career options for moms and military spouses with Medcerts.

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As a military spouse, all the experiences I had moving around when I was young taught me valuable lessons. A mom who can flex to her family’s needs is vital to the balance of her home. I learned that any career I had after my kids were grown, had to move with us in order to keep our home happy and accommodate my husband’s military career.

For us stay-at-home moms, the next season of life can feel daunting. Transitioning to working is a big change. While the kids go back to school, we moms can go back to school too.

When I was a kid, I moved a lot due to my dad’s job.  My mom was home with us during the day. And she worked midnight shift part time in the medical field. I saw her career transfer every time we moved.

It was portable due to the need for healthcare professionals. She was always serving and putting her heart into her work. Portable career options are out there!

My mother-in-law worked in IT. Her skills were invaluable to her employers. Getting certified in a healthcare or IT field lets you specialize. You develop skills that are so in need.

Medcerts online career training program is MyCAA eligible. Back to school options for moms.

If your kids are at an age where you are looking to pour into your skills and career, Medcerts is a great option. You will have a flexible training plan and portable career options as you enter that next season of life.

Portable Career Options for Moms

Back to school season always feels like a second new year. I make goals and plans. My life looks fresh and exciting.

The kids are getting older, so I have more time to work at home when they are focusing on school. Portable career options are a perfect focus as a back to school goal for moms.

As a military spouse and stay-at-home mom, I need flexible options for completing personal goals. Going back to school for moms can be intimidating. But Medcerts provides career options in in demand fields. Their training options do not require a massive financial burden.

MedCerts has been helping military spouses create new career opportunities for over 10 years. The programs are completely online. This means they are accessible no matter where you move.

Whether you are military like me or move for your spouse’s job, Medcerts moves with you. You have flexibility to complete your training no matter where you move next. Most of the programs only take 4-6 months to complete. If you are a military spouse, you can use the MyCAA grant to pay for Medcerts programs.

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In-demand Career Fields

Medcerts offers trainings in the most in demand careers right now. You can choose from a range of portable career options in the medical and IT fields.

Medical Field

Options range from Medical administration to Pharmacy technician and medical billing. You can choose from Physical Therapy Aide to Veterinary services.

IT Field

If the IT field is more your speed, you can choose trainings in IT Support, PC Technician, or fields of cybersecurity. The options are many. View all the program options here.

Financial Affordability of Medcerts

The cost of Medcerts trainings are more affordable. For a fraction of the cost of a 2- or 4-year school, you can be working in a portable career field of your choice.

Military spouses check out the MyCAA grant benefits. You can pay for your Medcerts training with the grant. This can reduce the financial burden while allowing you to pursue your career.

Deciding to go back to school as moms isn’t easy. Look at MedCerts.  They make it their mission to be there for every single student from start to finish. From selecting a program that’s right for you, to job placement support, they create the best educational experience possible.

Getting back to school as moms after years of taking care of our families can be an exciting chapter. Medcerts is an asset as you plan for a portable career option.

What are your career goals as your children grow? Are you working in a career field right now?

Online certificate programs for milspouses.
Portable career options for moms.
Back to school for moms. Portable career options.