Snow day with kids is going to be fun with this list of activities that are so easy to set up and even toddlers and preschooler can do them. Great list to save for the next snow day off school.

I miss the snow in winter…just a little bit. The magical crystals of white blanketing our yard always looked peaceful and beautiful. We have not lived in an area where snow falls-and sticks-for over 3 years now, so our snow day fun has to be a little more winter activity-inspired. 🙂

Snow days bring a break from the routine, a mini vacation for fun and enjoying the weather (or hot cocoa) together. If you have snow outside in the winter or not, this list of snow day fun activities will keep the kids engaged and learning when they are warming up indoors.

Snow Day Fun Activities

Cotton Ball Activities

Cotton ball crafts give that pretend snow feel to kids while not causing a puddle of mess to accumulate on the floor. Whether you have a preschooler or a child in elementary grades, using cotton balls for math, or crafting a snowy scene with cotton balls, adds some math and art to your snow day fun.

One item activities allow little ones to explore. This cotton ball toddler fine motor activity combines fine motor exploration with sensory and creativity. We made this into an indoor gross motor activity too. So much fun with one supply!

Older infants and toddlers can join in with their own cotton ball sensory activity. Work those fine motor skills with the mini snowballs.

Felt Crafts

A DIY felt board is a regular activity in our house. There are so many ways you can use this space in the kitchen to keep kids occupied and learning. A simple shape matching game, or winter animal cutouts, will add some fun storytelling and fine motor play into your snow day fun.

Make your own bean bags! So easy to sew and stuff DIY bean bags for the kids to play with indoors. These have lasted years!

Save some extra felt to make these really simple homemade bean bags. A bean bag toss game (using a cardboard box or laundry basket) is a great way to channel your child’s energy on a day that requires a lot of time indoors-like a snow day!

Snow and Ice Indoors

Too cold to play in the snow outside or don't have any snow where you live? Bring the snowball toss indoors for some gross motor fun for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids. This is so easy to set up with only two supplies. Great for indoor winter fun!

If making your own bean bags is just a little too crafty for you, try this incredibly easy way to have a snowball toss inside. No melting snow! This one requires only one supply to make. It is a great one item activity to make creative play super simple.

Turn your Don't Break the Ice game into a preschool activity for learning numbers. PLUS, toddler activity ideas too!

Now for the ice part of this snow day play! Have you heard of the kids’ game Don’t Break the Ice? We some how ended up with two sets at one point. I turned one game into a number learning activity. If your child is too young for numbers, try shapes.

Hands-On Crafts

What a fun indoor activity for winter time! Kids can paint foil snowflakes. This simple snowflake foil craft combines cutting, painting and fine motor skills for preschool.

Make your own sparkly foil snowflake craft for kids. Preschoolers are at a good age to begin learning cutting skills. This snowflake craft will encourage art exploration and science discussion too. So much fun for a snow day at home.

Preschool activity kits.

Hands-On Activity Boxes

If a quick reach into the closet to grab a prepared box of hands-on activities is right up your alley, try M is for Monster. This pre-packaged set of activities is perfect for a snow day at home! My kids love them because they focus on a learning theme and incorporate all the learning styles.

You can even save 20% off your first order of M is for Monster Preschool in a Box activities by using code: SAHMSG.

Affordable preschool activity learning kits great for homeschool preschool or teaching preschool at home for non-crafty moms.


What are you doing for fun on your next snow day at home with the kids?

Snow day with kids is going to be fun with this list of activities that are so easy to set up and even toddlers and preschooler can do them. Great list to save for the next snow day off school.