I never wanted to be a work-at-home mom. Trying to juggle work and kids seemed like too big a task to tackle. Life had other plans. SAHMs share how they balance working at home while focusing on caring for their families in this mom blogger blog hop

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The working mom/WAHM thing never appealed to me. I had no desire to try to balance my family and my work. Loose ends stress me out. I do not like having to set a project aside and leave it unfinished. Life has taken me down roads I often have no interest in traveling, but often those experiences that break me out of my comfort zone are the greatest opportunities for learning. Blogging has been this type of experience in my life.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started the Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide. I never read parenting blogs or mommy blogs, but did read the occasional blogs about politics and religion. I enjoy reading the opinions of others on those two subjects. I enjoy the process of agreeing and disagreeing that takes place when we listen to the perspective of others.

When I started this blog, I assumed others were like me. I assumed others would understand that my perspective as a stay-at-home mom had been shaped by my experiences, and that sharing them was to help and not hurt; to engage in discussion about the state of parenting, motherhood and the family unit.

What shocked me about blogging was how often people will actually attack. I have received messages saying, “You should not have posted that statement,” “You are being judgemental,” or “You are wrong for choosing to parent that way!

Amazing stuff, right? I hope some personal friends  and family of mine are reading this, because they might be amazed by these things. They know me, how I parent, and how my children behave. We are not THAT crazy. 🙂

I had no idea how thick my skin had to become as a blogger. Life prepared me well.

Why I Started Blogging

I really was content to be a Stay-at-Home Mom. “JUST” being a stay at home mom was a major goal in my life. I told my husband before we were married that when we had children (if we had children) I was going to stay at home with them. I wanted to be present every day for my children like my mom was for me.

As a new mom, I started meeting and befriending a lot of moms who did not share my passion or enjoyment for being a SAHM. They felt robbed of their goals and dreams, and were beginning to dislike their role as “just” wife and mom. I felt called to help them focus on the joys, the benefits and the long term goals of being a stay-at-home mom, the long-term benefits of being present for our children.

I posted a status update on my Facebook profile meant to help friends find ways to feel empowered and valuable as “just” stay-at-home moms. A friend of mine said to me, “You should start a blog?” A few other friends commented that I should do it since I had so much experience in early childhood education, and had a natural ability to find the value in being a stay-at-home mom. So, the rest-they say-is history.

The blog opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Blogging turned into more than just a way to encourage other moms. It became my me time. It became my release. Then it became a way to make extra money to help support my family.

Strategies for building blog traffic, work at home blogging resources for moms.


If you are a work at home mom, you know seeking balance can be a constant search. Stay-at-home moms who are mom bloggers, share their thoughts on the "how to" of balancing being a SAHM with being a blogger.

Finding Balance and Joy as a Stay-at-Home, Work-at-Home, Mom Blogger

Family always comes first as hard as it can be at times to set a new post aside unfinished. But this blog will always be here, my children will not stop and wait for me to be done.

The reality is caring for children ALWAYS leaves loose ends and unfinished projects because we always have to stop what we are doing to attend to something more important or someone who needs us RIGHT NOW! There is no way to avoid it.

I am caring for my kids, and sneaking in a few minutes for the blog when they have quiet time, after they go to sleep and when I can fit it in on weekends. When my husband is home he gets the majority of my time in the evenings. I probably have about 1-2 hours a day during the week, and 2 hours a day on the weekends to devote to just blogging. Not always, but on the ideal days that is how it works.

I could work on this blog from sun up to sun down. Writer’s block is not a problem for me. I wish I could catch a case of it, because I have more ideas than time to write right now. But, that is the problem with seeking balance in this season of motherhood: We can not do it all all of the time.

Every day brings a new challenge for finding balance as a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom blogger. The internet has opened up so many options for us. There are many resources for working at home. You can even build a home-based business selling essential oils! Health benefits for your family AND you help others live a healthier lifestyle.

Blogging is fun and exciting. I get to create and share, and even get paid to do it without having to charge you a thing! You get mom motivation, activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids, reviews of products, homemaking tips, and more free. Plus, as a subscriber you get additional freebies just because I love sharing with you.

I appreciate the time you take to read, comment, and “share”. Those little acts have a big impact on the blog-more than you know.


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