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Baby carrier recommendations from moms of single babies and twins.

You learn a lot as you grown as a mom. I remember the list of gear that my husband and I registered for was pretty light. I had very honest friends who offered their advice on what we needed as well as what we did not.

When the twins were born, we had very few people we knew who had twins, so we started from scratch on some things like gathering baby carrier recommendations.

I saw one on Pinterest that allowed a mom to hold two babies at one time-can you say, pack mule? That is what it looked like. I have no idea if it could work or not, but it looked heavy!


After each of my children were born the reality of what a baby needs (a lot of close contact with mom and dad) became obvious. We needed a wearable carrier.


I went with a Baby Bjorn with my first child, and kept it with my second. We still have it, actually, but it does cause a bit of discomfort in the shoulders-for me, anyway.


After the twins, I wanted to try to wear both babies at the same time-they both want to be held at the exact same time, so one would be crying while the other was in my arms. Too many days of that in a row and you get creative!


So, I went to the Survival Guide moms on Facebook. (Have you joined us over there?) I asked for recommendations of their favorite baby carriers.

I am sharing with you now too in case you are a new mom, or an experienced mom, who needs some input from moms with a lot of knowledge.

I included product links to each carrier so you can check out the details-we all have different needs and different budgets, so the carrier that works for one mom may not work for another!

Baby Carrier Recommendations from Moms

What baby sling do you recommend and can it be used for babies weighing less than 8 pounds?
Here is what the moms share:


BOBA. I love it. Has a newborn feature. -Angel


I loved my Baby K’tan! It’s like a Moby but so much easier to use–especially if you are short like me. -Shannan


I loved our Baby K’tan. It can be used a ton of different ways and was so easy! I was able to use it right from the beginning with my son. I also used a Peanut Shell with my daughter and I liked it, but felt like it was hard to get her in the right position where her head didn’t seem pushed forward. -Laura


I like the Moby wrap. -Jennifer


Moby wrap! -Nancy


I have a ring sling by Bibetts and I love it. My son weighed 6 lbs 3oz at birth and I wore him just fine with it. -Marie


I have the Moby and loved it with my son. My newest baby, 3mo, doesn’t like it. I have a padded ring sling I use with her. Much easier to nurse, too. I’ve gotten my Mei Tei out, too, and prefer that one for lots of standing. -Misti


I got a Moby Wrap this time around and I absolutely love it! Weight distribution is great on your back and shoulders. I even learned how to nurse in it! I was walking through Walmart and nobody had any idea [my daughter] was eating. -Amanda


I loved my Moby wrap. Kept hands free and the baby got to snuggle all she wanted.  -Dawn


Ring slings for when they are little…Ergo when they get bigger. -Kristi


Baby Ktan! Its like the Moby but easier to get on, in my opinion. I used it since baby girl was 5 days old.  -Leah


Moby Wrap! -Maryanne


The Baba Sling. I loved it! Easy to use and very comfortable! I used it from the first month up till one year and something, sometimes for almost the entire day! The baby slept, ate and enjoyed the world around from there! And not very expensive either! -Raluca


Having used a moby, mei tei, ring sling and ergo. My vote is not a sling, but the ergo. -Angela


I love my Baby K’tan. I’ve used it with Carmen since she was a few months old an still use it now at 18 months. -Krystal


I have a Mamma’s Milk sling, and I like it, but I find I use the Ergo the most with the infant insert. -Amanda


I use a mammas milk sling, love it! -Chelsea


Moby wrap -Brooke


So, you can check each linked carrier out to see what price and features you prefer. Do your research and be aware of the safety instructions on any baby carrier you use. These recommendations are only personal opinion.


I did enjoy the Baby K’tan. I purchased it because the manufacturer said it was safe for carrying twins together. My twins, however, did not like being smooshed together in the carrier. It is very easy to get baby in and out and I find the carrier very comfortable. As the twins got older, the K’tan does start to stretch even when only one baby is being carried, but it works! As my babies get older, we switch to a backpack carrier. The one we bought when our first child was about a year old-and still use now-is the Kelty Kids backpack carrier. This version is very similar.

The pack lasts! With twins, when the babies were in a very clingy stage-both wanting to be held for most of the day-I used a front carrier and the backpack carrier. I put one baby in the Baby K’tan in front, and the other baby in the Kelty Kids pack on my back.

That was a challenge! You do what you have to do in motherhood at times.

 What carrier do you recommend? Leave a comment below.


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