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5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

The heat of summer has finally softened and the crisp, cooling temperatures of fall are finding their way across the landscape. Finding outdoor activities that kids keep moving and exercising during the cooler months of the year is always a challenge. With the proliferation of computer games and social media, kids will naturally gravitate towards staying indoors.

However, the season for Halloween is upon us and this presents the perfect opportunity for parents to provide an array of outdoor Halloween party games and activities that no child can resist. Listed below are some fun games for a Halloween party that not only gets kids outdoors, but can also help develop their fine motor, social and artistic skills at the same time.

5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Paint the Pumpkin

Let kid’s creativity and ingenuity shine with a Halloween pumpkin design station. Setting this up is easy.

  1. Cover a folding table or picnic bench with a plastic tablecloth or several newspapers.
  2. Give each child a small pumpkin to use as their canvas to express their inner artistry.
  3. Having a wide variety of markers, paints, glitter and stickers will allow each artist to personalize their pumpkin masterpiece.

This is also a great time for parents to spend quality time with kids, acting as their child’s art assistant. Selecting paints, grabbing glue and providing admiring comments is a wonderful way for parents to bond with their children.

5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Candy Walk

Capitalize on the benefits of outdoor play by putting a new spin on the classic cakewalk game.

  1. Using some washable and environmentally safe sidewalk chalk draw a large circle on any solid or concrete paved surface.
  2. At even intervals, label a spot on the circle with the numbers 1 through 12.
  3. Have the participants take a spot on their favorite number and crank up some fun or spooky Halloween music.
  4. Turn off the music after approximately 30 to 60 seconds and let the giggles begin as each child scrambles to get to a number.
  5. Have the party leader call out a random number as the winner and see the glee on the winner’s face as they select a candy treat or snack for their loot bag.
5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Egg Toss

Perfect kid’s fine motor skills with the popular, but messy, egg toss game.

  1. Take a dozen eggs and dye them orange.
  2. With a black marker, carefully draw a jack o’ lantern face on each one.
  3. Have kids pair off into teams, hand each team a pumpkin egg and let the challenge begin.
  4. With each toss, have the players each take one big step back and toss again.
  5. Each team that does not catch the egg leaves the game until you have one winning team with a whole egg left.

These types of Halloween party games for kids are great mind training activities for kids. Kids have a blast trying to catch their egg, while learning the value of teamwork, patience and concentration.

Hide the Halloween Skeleton

This spooky but fun game is another one of those activities that kids keep moving to and helps get them excited.

  1. Buy a paper or plastic skeleton at your local party supply store.
  2. Find an area outside and rope it off with some yellow tape.
  3. Hide the skeleton in a strategic area that will ensure it is a challenge to find.
  4. Decorate the cordoned off area with other Halloween accessories to make finding the skeleton even more exciting.
  5. Let the kids scatter in every direction as they eagerly hunt for the scary skeleton.

These types of outdoor activities keep everyone on the move and having fun during your Halloween party. Afterwards, bring everyone inside to watch one of these G-rated Halloween movies.

Find the Spider

This is one of those great mind training games that will capture even the most distracted child’s attention. It is also a perfect game to play outside on a sunny fall day.

  1. Set up a festively decorated table and layout three paper or plastic cups upside down on the table.
  2. Using a small, black plastic spider, hide it underneath one of the cups, ensuring the child knows which cup has the spider.
  3. Tell the child to watch that cup carefully as you move all the cups around for several seconds.
  4. When done moving the cups, ask the children which cup the spider is under and see if they can tell you.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, any childhood game can turn into fun festive outdoor activities. Using the variety of fun Halloween party games for kids listed above is the perfect reason to get kids outdoors and enjoying the beautiful fall season.

5 Halloween Party Games for Kids

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