Parents juggle a million responsibilities, and with the advent of the internet and the rapidly evolving modern world, keeping everything in order can be increasingly daunting. From simply picking up after our children who left their toys on the patio, to ensuring that they are fed with balanced meals and have taken their vitamins, a single thing remains constant: our desire to keep our families safe and secure.

Having little tots who are still in the process of discovering the world and navigating it makes them prone to losing their belongings. Back in the days, labeling or engraving names and attaching identification tags were sufficient in safeguarding against loss.

These may still serve the same purpose today, but they have limitations. Engraved markings deteriorate over time, while identification tags can be detached or lost themselves.

Fortunately, technology has lent a hand in expanding measures to secure our beloved items, especially those carried by our children who are still learning the ropes of taking care of their stuff: SeQR.

Facilitating Efficient Reunions with SeQR Contact Codes

SeQR Contact Codes function as miniature tethers between items and their owners. Each QR code label features a unique QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone camera, directs the user to a secure communication platform offered by SeQR Contact.

This platform prioritizes the privacy of both the owner and the finder of a lost item, ensuring that their personal information remains anonymous while allowing them to coordinate return of the lost property. It’s also as easy as putting on a sticker on any item, making it more cost-efficient than smart tags.

What Makes SeQR Contact Stand Out?

Privacy-Centric Communication

SeQR Contact Codes prioritize discretion. When a finder scans the code on a lost item, they can initiate a secure dialogue through a dedicated link provided by SeQR Contact. This messaging platform shields the finder’s personal contact information, while simultaneously concealing your own.

Increased Recovery Rates

Misplaced a treasured lunchbox gifted by grandma at the park? A SeQR Contact Code affixed to the lunchbox can significantly increase its recovery chances. Anyone with a QR code scanner can reach out to you and ensure its safe return.

Peace of Mind for All Valuables

SeQR Contact’s innovative security tag offers a layer of protection for a wide range of belongings, from a child’s backpack or wallet to a lost pet’s collar. The knowledge that a finder can establish secure contact with complete anonymity through SeQR Contact enhances the likelihood of a successful reunion. Its primary difference between a smart tag that allows real-time tracking of the item is that there is a method of safe communication made available to both finder and owner, without relying on just signal pings and some guesswork.

Where Can I Use SeQR Contact Codes?

There are a variety of items that you can use SeQR Contact Codes on. You can enhance the general organization and security of your items by sticking a SeQR Contact Codes, including the below:

Medical Devices

Even if we employ great care, unintentional loss and other circumstances beyond our control can lead us to losing medical devices that are vital in keeping our health in check, and sometimes can even mean life or death. Glucometers, epinephrine shots and inhalers can be fashioned with a SeQR Contact Code to give finders easy access to its owners the moment these are found.

Children’s Bags or IDs

You can also put SeQR Contact Codes on your children’s backpacks, lunchboxes, water battles and IDs, in case they lose their stuff at school or at the park. If misplaced, an adult can easily scan the code and begin a secure exchange through SeQR Contact so a return can be made.


Don’t allow worry to consume you in caring for your children and their belongings. You can optimize modern technology to help you relieve parenting anxiety, and ensure that you never miss the important moments with your kids who won’t be kids for too long.

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