In our unit study on geology, we added an activity for exploring the scientific method. Growing our own rock gardens, or crystal gardens as I call them, was engaging for the kids. They got to prep the entire activity.

We followed the steps of performing an experiment. Crystals begin to grow pretty quickly.

Exploring the scientific method with children by growing a crystal garden was engaging for all ages.

Activity for Exploring the Scientific Method with Children


  • Plastic bowl or container
  • Food coloring
  • Measuring cup filled with water
  • White vinegar
  • Flowering Rocks kit from Home Science Tools
  • DIY Scientific Method worksheet (images shown below) or print out this free scientific method worksheet
  • Recommended but optional books: (Amazon links)

How We Prepped Our Crystal Gardens

Each child had a plastic dish and a rock from the flowering rocks kit.

They each placed a rock in their dish and poured water about halfway up the rock. The directions for all of this are on the flowering rock kit bag. You can even grow rainbow crystals.

Everyone added a few drops of their choice of food coloring into the water.

Then we set each dish, carefully, on the counter. Place them gently in a spot where they will not be disturbed. You will want to check the dishes regularly to watch the crystals grow.

Then, while we waited to begin our observations, we set out to get some scientific method and writing practice. You will need to make the printable scientific method worksheet for this part.

It is so simple. Just follow my guide pictured below.

Exploring the Scientific Method Worksheet for Kids: Growing Crystals

We read the books Rocks and Minerals and Investigate Gems to learn more about how crystals form. There is so much chemistry looped in; it was great exposure for the kids.

>>>Check out our Unit Study on Chemistry here.<<<

I hand-wrote the worksheets for my youngest and the older two wrote the headings on their own. You can write the headings on the paper, or have your kids write headings. Whatever you prefer.

We started with the question of “Can we grow crystals?” It was our focus point. Then, we made a hypothesis or guess of what would happen.

The steps to exploring the scientific method with children are important for future science learning. This activity exposes the kids in small ways to a big science concept.

We observed the rocks 3 separate times. We did once a day for 3 days.

The kids jotted down or drew a picture of what they saw happening on the rocks.

After the few days of observing, each child made a conclusion to answer the original question. They could draw a picture of what their crystal garden looked like as well.

After our experiment, we moved the crystal gardens outside to keep observing but free up the counter space. It was pretty cool to see the little crystal formations take shape on simple rocks. Exploring the scientific method with children in this multi-disciplinary way led to in-depth learning.

This activity is great for kids in kindergarten and up.

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