End the sniffles and support your immune system with this simple tea recipe. (Kid version included too!)

This end the sniffles tea is part of my nightly routine to stay as healthy as possible this winter. It is a must for moms. Plus, I have a kid version for you as well.

My kids have been sick much less since we started incorporating natural wellness into our daily routine. My oldest daughter was having runny noses every other week and dark circles developing under her eyes. That has stopped since we started a healthier path.

Of course a healthy diet is the foundation of a strong immune system. Drinking enough water is essential too.

End the Sniffles Tea

This end the sniffles tea is great preventative care. I drink a cup in the evening after the kids go to sleep when I feel my nose getting stuffy or my throat getting dry.

We are talking about staying healthy. Staying healthy is so essential for moms, because we don’t get sick days!

To make end the sniffles tea


1 bag of decaf chamomile tea (or decaf green tea)

Thieves®Vitality™ essential oil blend


End the sniffles tea recipe.

Brew the tea according to package directions. I use our Keurig to make a 6 oz cup of tea.

Add 1-2 drops of Thieves®Vitality™ essential oil blend into the tea.

Stir in 1-2 teaspoons of honey. Honey is antibacterial and has many health benefits.

I leave the tea bag in the tea while drinking to keep the flavor steeping, but you can remove the tea bag if you like.

Drink up the wellness!

If making this for kids, use apple juice or apple cider, warm it up slightly, and add one drop of Thieves®Vitality™ essential oil blend. 

Put on a movie, read a book or watch tv and give yourself a wellness boost at the same time. It is just like us moms to multi-task even during our quiet me time!

Try this end the sniffles tea and tell me how it worked for you.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, check out the 5 simple ways I began using essential oils at home to boost our natural wellness.

What is your favorite way to boost your health?

Simple recipe to end the sniffles and support your immune system naturally. (Great kid version included too.)

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