{Guest Post by Sarah Jones}

Teen room decorating ideas on a budget. These 3 DIY ideas for a teen room will help your teen decorate their room without spending a lot of money.

As a teenager, I always wanted my room to reflect my style and personality. I always thought of myself as a cool character. So I would decorate and redecorate my room every now and then to suit whichever style I was rocking that season. Below is a list of really cool, simple, and easy to make DIY ideas for a teen room that will leave you inspired and you won’t have to break the bank.

DIY Ideas For a Teen Room

Cupcake Flower Lights

If you are a nature lover, you must know about the beauty of flowers. They bring colorfulness in the world of nature. Therefore, why not bring this beauty into your room? Cupcake flower lights will be your best solution. You need cupcake papers; a combination of bigger and smaller sizes, a knife, scissors, and string lights.

  1. First of all, use the smaller cupcake papers to make leaves.
  2. To make a four-petal flower, fold the cupcake paper in half twice and cut a leaf shape with the folded point at the bottom.
  3. For an eight-petal flower and sixteen-petal flower, fold the cupcake paper in half three times and in half four times before cutting the leaf shape respectively.
  4. Then cut out a small X at the center, place cupcake papers onto each light bulb and your cupcake flower lights are ready to blossom.

Concrete Plant Pots

As a teen, it is common to lack sleep at night. Sometimes it’s very normal (just another stage of growth), but sometimes there could be an underlying problem. Detecting a problem early and seeking remedy can help you out. Either way, you could opt for solutions.

One of the ways to help you sleep is having a potted plant such as the jasmine plant. These plants are known to release scents that promote sleep. Because of that, planting them besides your bed would be very beneficial. That brings me to our DIY project, a flower pot.

There is a great tutorial on Little Green Notebook for making your own DIY concrete flower pots. What a fun project to work on with your teen. It’s a great DIY idea for a teen room!

Washi Tape Corkboard

Are the holidays over? Are you desperately trying to get your kids back to school mood? The Washi tape corkboard is just what you need. It will help them organize their critical notes, memos, or photos. It’s simple, super easy, and fun to make.

However, the trick is to ensure that the corkboard is straight. Laser levels can help you get your lines straight to avoid the epic failure of these wall hangings.

  1. Cut the cork board to your desired size and outline the edges with the washi tape on all sides.
  2. Cover the clothespins front using the color you want to match with your washi tape.
  3. Stick a gem at every corner of the corkboard.
  4. Glue one clothespin just below the washi tape and the other about halfway down the corkboard.

Your washi corkboard is now ready for use.

These simple, creative and fun DIY ideas for a teen room offer a cheap way to help you decorate your room giving it that awesome look and feel. So, get your craft on and give your room that awesome crisp feel.

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What are your favorite DIY ideas for dressing up your child’s room?

Teen room decorating ideas on a budget. These 3 DIY ideas for a teen room will help your teen decorate their room without spending a lot of money.

Sarah is the editor of thediyhammer.com. Inspired to be creative from an early age, she is always coming up with her own DIY projects, big or small, and draws inspiration from other imaginative minds. She is always encouraging others to be more innovative, especially when it comes to home improvement.

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