Many moms want sons, believe they will be great "boy moms," but would you say you need your son? I definitely have found that I need my son's leadership in my home.. He is necessary! The Blessing of A Son: 30 Days of Raising Boys Series.

Many moms of boys would probably say they wanted their son. Most would say they love their son-hopefully all. But, would you ever say you need your son? I need my son’s help and leadership in my home.

Being a mom of twins plus 2 has been one of the hardest challenges I have faced in my life. It has been harder than a year-long deployment when my husband was gone, harder than multiple surgeries. For me, having twins was a difficult adjustment. There were so many times my oldest son stepped up-without being asked-and just did what needed to be done when I could not.

There are not many people who just step up and know when I need help. My oldest son does. Read my complete post over in the 30 Days of Raising Boys Series.


How do your children bless you by serving your family?

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