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{This week: Post by Lisa}

I get asked a lot, "How can you spend all that time with your kids?" My response? How can I not spend time with my kids!

Often time’s people ask me how do I spend all of my time with the kids and not pull my hair out.  When I add that I’m a homeschooling mom they shake their head in disbelief and comment on how they could never do what I do.

I respond by asking them this, “How can I not stay at home with my kids?  There are too many things to do together and memories to form.  To send them away into the hands of somebody else’s care would be devastating to me. “

Yes, my days can be hard and long.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.   I don’t ever want my children to forget the good times.

As a homeschooling mom, it’s essential that we have a schedule and routine that we follow every day.  But life can get boring if we just do the same old thing.

In between our chores and school lessons we need something as a family that is fun, loving, and motivational.  Sometimes we need to just scrap the usual plan.

My kids get along and accomplish tasks faster when we do this.

We are not a family that always has to be on the go.  I don’t have the energy, money, or time to do so.

Instead I have activities prepared in advance for them to do when they are bored, tired, silly, or lonely.  It’s rewarding to see my kids enjoy the inexpensive and free activities I offer them.

Activities to Spend Time with Your Kids

Monthly Library Trip

-Monthly we go to the library and check out thirty or so books.  There is a special book shelf just for library books that sits nicely in our reading room.

We read books alone or together throughout the day.   We love to go on grand adventures through our books during story times.

Art Area

-We have an art supply shelf in our basement with an art table.  The kids use their imaginations and create their own stories through artwork.  Sometimes we play music to set the mood.

Dress Up Play Time

-Each of my kids have their own dress up boxes. They “fight” battles, they overtake kingdoms and destroy dragons.  Together they conquer and overcome dangerous lands.

It’s a delightful sight to see such great actors teaming together to make the world a better place.

Playtime at Bathtime

-A bubble bath is more about play then getting clean.  It’s in the tub that mermaids come alive and pirates sink ships. We have bathtub toys ready to go and bubbles to make it a joy.

Forgotten Toys Become Special Again

-Shoe boxes filled with forgotten toys are stored on shelves for when boredom strikes and there is no place to go.  It’s just like Christmas when we open them up.

Taking Walks Together

-It’s a pleasure to take walks and wonder.

Fall leaves wait to be collected by little hands. Rocks sit still for feet to climb. Rivers wait for sticks to float and rabbits sit patiently for children to play chase.  Birds chirp for listening ears.  Rainbows shine bright after they been discovered.

Dancing children take delight in puddles while rain is pouring on top of umbrellas.

Cooking with Kids

-Moments in the kitchen are unforgettable.  Dogs steal meat off the table, dishes cling and clang in the sink after a meal, cinnamon toast wakes up sleepyheads, and creative meals are made by kids who love to cook.

Delicious smells from brewing tea does the tired heart good and it’s always a pleasure to bake homemade cookies together.

Now it’s your turn!  We would love to read your ideas!

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What activities help you stay focused on the joy while you spend time with your kids?

I get asked a lot, "How can you spend all that time with your kids?" My response? How can I not spend time with my kids!

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