Indoor hopscotch made with a yoga mat is a great way to keep kids active - safely - indoors when the weather is cold or rainy outdoors. Perfect indoor activity for kids.

Getting enough time to play outside is essential to my children maintaining positive behavior…and let’s be honest, it helps my behavior too! This indoor hopscotch game (made from a yoga mat) is a reusable activity that helps kids move to burn energy even when indoors.

Moving our whole bodies helps us get exercise, burn off excess energy (which, frankly, as a mom I do not have, but my kids do), and gets us outside to breathe some fresh air.

Not every day allows us to get outside to play, though. The days when we are stuck inside and trying to keep our kids from climbing the walls can be really tough!
Indoor hopscotch is one of many indoor gross motor activities that I will be sharing with you perfect for rainy, or other bad-weather-indoor days.
All you need are 3 supplies:

1 permanent marker (dark color)
duct tape (any color you choose)
Being inside on bad weather days can be tough, but indoor gross motor activities like this DIY yoga mat hopscotch game can help kids burn energy and keep mom and kids free from indoor day frustration!
You may have a yoga mat in your home already, or a camping bedroll made of foam. Even a large piece of butcher paper can work for this activity too-it just may not last as long.
The yoga mat version is great because you can wipe it off, roll it up and use it again.
How to make the Indoor Hopscotch game:
Using strips of duct tape, mark off a hopscotch grid along the whole length of the mat.
Then write a number in each square using the permanent marker. As you can see in the photo above, our marker faded because I used a light green.
Go with a dark color to help the numbers visually stand out. 

I shared a shape version of hopscotch that is pinned here. It is great for toddlers and older infants. I will be sharing it back here on the blog in a future post.

You can use bean bags like the DIY bean bags I shared previously to toss if you do not already have bean bags at home. 

Here are the basic directions for hopscotch in case you need a refresher (I did) and a hopscotch fun fact: Hopscotch has been around for 300 years! (

Enjoy some gross motor activity for kids indoors on the bad weather days that keep us inside. If you have great weather, take the mat outside! It’s ready whenever your children want to play hopscotch.

More DIY games for kids:
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What are your go-to indoor games when the weather is rainy outside?