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How to survive grocery shopping with kids! Make grocery shopping easier with these tips for preparing for a trip to the store with little kids in tow.

Grocery shopping can be tiring. At least for me. Of course, little kids might have something to do with that. 😉

How do you make grocery shopping easier?

If you have little kids like I do, you will find these tips for grocery shopping useful. Much of simplifying grocery shopping is about preparation.

Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Menu Plan

Menu planning can save a lot of money.  It also makes grocery shopping easier. I try to be flexible and shop sales though. Many stores have their sale flyers online and I try to look at the ones for the stores I go to most to make my menu, but there may be some meat marked down that isn’t in the flyer.

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Keep a list

I have shared my love of list pads before, but it really makes a difference.  As you see that you are running out of something write it down. If you use Google Keep, add it to your list.  I have a list pad on my refrigerator and before I head out I put it in Google Keep.


I don’t coupon. Honestly, there’s usually not much that we use in the coupon flyers, so I really don’t mess with it. If you do coupon, be sure to get the ones you plan on using handy before you head out. Some stores have apps with their store coupons so you don’t have to mess with clipping them.

Prep  your kitchen

  • Clear your table, counter or stove, wherever you plan to put your groceries when you come in.
  • Clean out your refrigerator.   This makes it much easier to put  things away.
  • Make sure that your reusable bags are on your front car seat or by your little one’s car seat so that you see them and remember to grab them.
  • Start dinner in a crockpot if you can. There is something about grocery shopping and all that goes with it that make one want to not worry with dinner. Having it ready to go is nice.

Timing is everything

  • Don’t go hungry. Make sure little ones won’t get hungry either. I try to go right after a meal or pack the kids a snack, and I nurse the littlest one just before we leave or while the big kids are having their snack in the car.
  • Make sure it’s not nap time.
  • Avoid after work shopping if you can. 5-6:30 P.M. is typically much busier than the rest of the day.

Review Expectations

Each time we go to the store, I remind my kids of the way I expect them to act (stay with mama, no running around/away, obey right away, use their good manners, no fighting or being mean to each other, etc) on the way in the car. I actually do this on our way anywhere. Storytime, church, stores, play place, park…They are still learning what is acceptable behavior, and this has been a big help.


Not kidding here.  Pray that God will  give you clear focus to accomplish what must be done. That He would open your eyes to opportunities He gives you and words to say to make the most of those opportunities. That He would give you patience and  grace for those around you.

I also pray aloud with the Littles that God would help them remember to behave and help them have self control.

Think it through

  • Park near a cart return. This is especially important if you have little ones.
  • Wear little ones if possible.  This is much easier to do than lug the car seat around until they are able to sit up on their own, and if you have older ones, you can put the youngest (or two if you have those mad double babywearing skills) in the carrier before you get the bigs out.
  • As you shop, keep refrigerated items and frozen items together, and remember to put  them on the  belt together so that they will be more likely to  be bagged together.
  • With three kids, I know that putting everything away right away is hard and sometimes not possible, but the sooner the better.
  • Have a spot to put your shopping  bags-reusable or not (if you don’t use reusable ones please be sure to take them to be recycled and do not just trash them).
  • As soon as you finish unpacking, try to get your shopping bags back to their place in your car.

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What are your best tips for surviving the grocery store with kids in tow?

How to survive grocery shopping with kids! Make grocery shopping easier with these tips for preparing for a trip to the store with little kids in tow.

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