Creating a Parenting Partnership-Do you and your spouse struggle to find common ground in the face of parenting challenges. These 4 ideas helped my husband and I come together to form a close parenting partnership.

A parenting partnership has taken my husband and me a few years to create. Seeing eye-to-eye has not always been easy. He is a military guy, so we go from parenting together to him not parenting at all for stretches of time. Distance taught us how important it is to create a parenting partnership for our marriage and children.

My husband deployed when our oldest was 6 months old and we had a conversation that revealed a common parenting vision. I was feeling like I was not doing enough by being a stay at home mom and not working outside of the home.  My husband said, “I am glad you are home with him since I am so far away. He needs someone to be there for him.” I knew then we had a joint mission – we had a common goal – but we still faced challenges.

At times, we disagreed regarding how to best teach our child discipline. My husband wanted complete compliance; I was willing to negotiate. When my husband had to be away again for work, I was able to see the benefits of his parenting point of view.

As soon as I am parenting alone, I need to tighten the boundaries, be more firm and not give so many chances. I know that being clear about what we expect will help our children become disciplined over time.

How did we get past our parenting differences and form a parenting partnership? I focused on 4 main ideas.

How to Develop a Parenting Partnership

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How to create a parenting partnership. These 4 main ideas helped my husband and I come together to form a parenting partnership after having our first child.


How have you and your husband created a parenting partnership? Are you still trying to find a good balance?

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