Homeschool STEM lessons with SeaQuest aquariums.

Supplementing homeschool learning with quality programs is a key to avoiding burnout as a homeschool parent. Whether it is online music lessons or science units to enhance physical science or chemistry, there are resources you can pull in to enhance your curriculum at home.

SeaQuest is a program that emphasizes homeschool STEM learning with homeschool STEM lessons and more.  It is a great launchpad for any new homeschool family as well.

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Homeschool STEM Lessons

Working STEM activities into your homeschool or afterschool plans is a dynamic way to enhance learning at home. SeaQuest guide to homeschooling and STEM provides a great overview of homeschool goals and incorporating STEM lessons.

What has been easy for me as a homeschool parent is using the interests of my children to guide our science lessons at home. That makes learning more accessible and interesting to children.

The STEM resources at SeaQuest provide a comprehensive collection of STEM activities, field trip ideas and lessons to teach. I am organizing our curricula for the next school year and utilizing SeaQuest in my planning process.

SeaQuest is not only an online resource for your homeschool planning. There are actual aquarium locations around the country that provide STEM learning in a hands-on and multisensory way.

Find a SeaQuest location near you. Aquariums provide a rich learning environment for all ages. It is a great homeschool field trip location because each of your children will gain so much from the experience.  

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Additional Homeschool STEM Lessons and Resources

As a 6th year homeschool parent, I have shared some of our favorite and most successful learning units here on the blog for you to use. I hope it will give you inspiration for the coming school year.

STEM activities for all ages.

From STEM units, to organization ideas for your homeschool, you will find them all linked below.

Chemistry Unit for Kids

Geology Unit for Kids

Homeschool Organization

Big List of Homeschool Resources

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Gain even more inspiration for your homeschool year.

SeaQuest is an added resource to the guide. If you are new to homeschooling, or just looking for ideas to change things up as a veteran homeschooler, we have you covered. SeaQuest STEM homeschool resources are a great collection to use.

Happy planning!

What are your favorite resources for STEM lessons and homeschooling? Leave a comment below to share!

STEM Lessons for Homeschool include lessons, field trip ideas, thematic units and helpful resources.