Anyone else have kids that have brought a rock collection into the house? Every time we go on a walk, the twins find that special rock that they just can not leave behind. Taking that inspiration, we incorporated a rock identification kit into our recent geology unity study.

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With four kids, we built up quite a rock collection. It is one thing that the kids find on each and every hike we take as a family.

I have been inspired to create some learning activities with rocks. This hands-on geology rock identification kit takes this idea a step further.

You can use the collected rocks your children have gathered for this. Or, get this rock identification kit from Home Science Tools to make it even easier.

Home Science Tools Field Trip in a Bag for geology unit rock identification.

I will share a couple of options for you to do this hands-on geology activity at home.

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Rock Identification Kit for Kids

Step one is to order the Geology Field Trip in a Bag from Home Science Tools.

When it arrives look over all the materials in the kit. There is good info for you to use.

Geology Unit Activities: Hands-on Rock Identification Kit.

I placed the rocks into a plastic container. The kids had to dig through them all to find interesting rocks.

Kids gathered around the rock identification kit in a plastic bin to dig for rocks.

The older two helped the younger ones match their rock to the included guide. Then they could identify each rock they found based on the description.

Kids with rock identification kit.

When they each had their collection, and the bin was empty, we went one step further. I wanted to incorporate an extended hands-on activity with our rock identification kit. It even doubles as a sensory bin with rocks activity for little kids.

Rocks from the field trip in a bag geology activity for kids.

The kids glued their rocks to a white piece of cardstock. I asked them to leave space between each rock. They drew circles – one for each rock they found. Then, using the guide that came with the kit, they wrote the name of that rock in each circle.

Geology unit study to identify rocks and learn vocabulary.

After the glue dried, they wrote the names of each rock near each one on the paper. This is a great way to teach geology vocabulary.

Geology unit for kids with hands-on rock identification and writing.

For the younger ones this emphasized reading and writing skills. For the older two this solidified their retention of each rock’s traits.

We really enjoyed taking our rock identification kit activity out on the deck. The weather was so nice. I love the flexibility of learning at home.

Do your children save favorite rocks they find on hikes or at the playground? What have you done to create and play with the rocks as a learning activity?

Rock identification kit for kids plus Geology unit study and activities.