This activity for toddlers is so simple to create! It works as a great preschool activity at home too. I like activities that work for multiple ages groups-makes life so much easier as a mom. Apples are a favorite Fall theme, but this activity for toddlers works any time of year. Included are toddler activities and preschool activities as well as two quick storage tips.

A simple color sorting activity with an apple theme including free printable patterns so you can easily make this toddler activity at home.This post contains affiliate links. Please view my disclosure for more info.

Apple Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers


To start, gather your supplies:

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A piece of cardboard or paper board (like a cereal box)


Marker (I like using these)

4 pieces of construction paper (1 yellow, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 brown)

Velcro dots or strips

Free printable tree and apple pattern

Laminator (this is the one I use)-optional

Basket or zip top bag-optional

Apple and tree color sorting activity for toddlers.


Make the Trees and Apples

To make your trees and apples, download and print out the tree and apple pattern.

Free printable tree and apple pattern for Fall themed activities for toddlers and preschool.

Cut out the patterns.

Trace 3 trees onto the brown paper and trace 12 apples-4 orange, 4 yellow, 4 red. Cut out each tree and apple.

Apple Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers or Preschoolers.

Glue 1 yellow apple onto one tree, 1 red apple onto one tree and 1 orange apple onto one tree.

Laminate the trees and apples. This step is optional, but it does make the activity last for years. (Yes, one of my children took a bite out of the fake apple in this picture! No children were harmed in the making of this activity. ;))

Add 3 pieces of Velcro (loop side) to each tree so that the apples can attach to the trees.

Apple Color Sorting for Toddlers.

Add one piece of Velcro (hook side) to each of the remaining apples.

I place all the trees and apples into a basket to create a simple invitation to play. Explain the activity to your child the first time. I show them the basket, then take all the trees out and lay them on the table or floor. Then I take the apples out and we count them. It is then time to play!

Set up a fun invitation to play with this apple color sorting basket for toddlers. There are even activity ideas for preschoolers in the post as well. Free printable patterns make this easy to set up!

Toddler Activities:

Toddlers can sort the apples to their matching tree.

They can also sort the apples into piles by color.

Count the apples before they are placed on the trees.

Count how many apples of each color your have-this will introduce the concept of “equal” at a toddler level.


Color sorting activity with free printables to make the trees and apples.

Preschool Activities:

Preschoolers can sort the apples by placing them on the trees or into color groups.

Count the apples altogether or by color groups.


In addition, the apples can be used to create patterns:

Start a pattern (yellow, red, orange) and ask your child to find the apple that comes next.

You can practice making different patterns (abc, ab, aabb) depending on your child’s skill level. Check out more ideas for teaching patterns to preschoolers here.

Apple patterning activities with free printable patterns.


To store this activity for toddlers, I use a zip top bag. All the pieces fit in and it can be sealed so you can decide when it comes out.



Our Favorite Books About Apples and Trees:

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