Accidental learning activities are the best. This was one of those. In our preschool time, we accidentally made color wheel color cards and they were all painted by my 2-year-old.

You can set this up intentionally to talk about colors, color identification and color mixing with older toddlers and preschoolers.  That is what I will share here.

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Child Painted Color Wheel Cards

On our easel, like this one, I often put up a clean paper so the kids can color as they want. As a former preschool teacher, I set up our playroom area as a little preschool room. When we had the space, it was fun.

For painting activities, I always stood by my child so that the mess did not get crazy. For this color wheel painting activity, I put two colors of paint at the easel with two separate containers and brushes. I knew that eventually my child would mix the colors, but it was about naming each color to teach the color name.

Child's easel with two paint colors to make DIY color wheel color mixing cards.

Then, as the colors blended on the paper, we magically had color mixing cards.

I made sure to point to the yellow and say its name. Then I pointed to the blue and said, “blue.” Then, as my child painted I would talk to them about the colors mixing to make green. That is how we encourage language development in our toddlers.

After the painting dried, I cut out a small rectangle where the two colors blended into a new color. We took that paper down and put up a fresh piece and two new colors: red and yellow.

Child paintings become color mixing cards for toddlers to learn the colors.

Just like in the photo, red and yellow were mixed to make orange. I wrote the word orange on the small piece of color mixing cards art and we taped it right to the wall. Teaching pre-reading by learning color names in this way is so effective.

Color wheel color mixing cards for toddlers to make to learn the colors.

The next day my daughter painted with red and blue. Where those colors mixed on the paper, she made purple. Same process was followed to let it dry, cut out a small rectangle and label it. Then my daughter could clearly see two colors on each card and the color they created by being mixed.

I taped the color wheel color mixing cards to the wall of our playroom. That way the kids could see them every day for more color and language learning.

Accidental learning is fun. When you teach at home every day leads to a new discovery. Color mixing cards are a simple way to learn color identification.

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Photos of an easel and a finished color mixing card made by toddler paintings to teach color names and reading skills.