Part of the great blessing that is running an online publication like this one is connecting with other mothers who are also sharing in the internet sphere. These books for moms are all written by moms for moms.

I recently was invited to join a group of mothers that focuses on a faith-based approach to encouragement. We have always done that here at the SAHM Guide too so it was a good fit for me to join their group of Mentor Moms. I love helping moms feel confident and motivated in the season of raising a family.

Many of the moms in the Moms Together group are authors as well as moms, wives, and working or stay-at-home moms – or a combo of the two as is possible these days with all the remote work options. We all understand motherhood and the demands on women to value that role and put our all into it.

I wanted to share the books a few of the mother’s I have connected with have written. These women are a collection of moms, grandmothers, homeschool moms, working moms, and all are authors and encouragers.

I know you will gain from reading each of their books.

Books for Moms That Will Encourage You

Lori Wildenberg

Lori, successful author and parenting coach, has written a collection of books for moms. The Messy Life of Parenting: Powerful and Practical Ways to Strengthen Family Connections provides small actions you can take to set your relationship with your children on a solid footing.

Her weekly live video chats in Moms Together will help you refocus on what matters most in parenting. Her books will fill up your parenting cup and equip you to take each step of parenting with confidence.

Parenting books that are faith-based are so needed these days. We moms are navigating tough waters of whether to teach our children values or let the world dictate them to us. Lori’s books will give you what you need to feel confident parenting in these challenging times.

Lisa Wilt

Lisa was a pharmacist and mom who writes devotionals perfect for the limited time moms have for quiet time in some stages of parenting. Her devotional Always Uplifting has been so encouraging to read. The daily half-page words of encouragement are right out of any moms day. You will relate to her motherhood moments and be filled up by the verses that speak directly to each situation. Explore Lisa Wilt’s book collection here.

Natalie Mack

Natalie is a modern-day super mom! She is an amazing role model for moms, and especially for homeschool moms. Her 101 Tips for Homeschoolers: Loving Your Homeschool Experience is a workbook that is a perfect place to begin planning your homeschool journey.

The quick journal-style bullet points help you focus on aspects of homeschooling that often lead people to fear it and work through each step to build your homeschool confidence. Every homeschool mom –or prospective homeschool mom – should read this.

Emily Scott

Emily is a mom, parenting coach, and writer. She has put together multiple journals and books to encourage you in your parenting journey. They are guides for improving your relationship with your children and working on being the best parent you can be. A great one to start with is 31 Days to Renew Your Parenting.

If you are in a season of motherhood where you want to journal to get your motherhood thoughts down and moving in a positive direction, check out Emily’s books on Amazon.

Christie Thomas

Christie’s book Little Shoots for Deep Roots has been shared recently by another blogger/writer I know. It equips parents with the knowledge and encouragement to raise their children to love Jesus. It takes daily, mindful, small acts to inspire this big relationship and Christie provides that to you in the pages of her book. You can get it on Amazon here.

Sarah Mackenzie

I think even parenting from a place of rest is important these days. That is what Sarah’s book Teaching From A Place of Rest teaches. The go, go, go culture we live in has taken our families off course. Moms can slow things down – and for the sake of our family relationships, we need to. It’s time to take a pause and think about living from rest and peace rather than speed and competition. Sarah Mackenzie writes encouragement to homeschool moms who feel like homeschooling is a heavy burden.

She opens your eyes to how much you do teach your children in the slow and careful steps you take every day. A must-read for homeschool moms and moms feeling burdened by the stress this world puts on mothers.

Julie Sanders

As a teacher and mom, Julie Sanders encourages adults to pray diligently for the children in their charge. Her book The ABCs of Praying for Students: A Grown Ups Guide to Encouraging Prayers guides you as a caregiver of children to pray for them and encourage them. This can seem daunting or often gets pushed aside due to busy lifestyles. But, Julie gives advice and tips on being mindful of the power of prayer when we are raising children.

Jaimi Erickson

My book was written after years of research and personal experience in and out of the school systems. A Parent’s Guide to School Choice: All the school options you DO have is a labor of love I put together for all moms everywhere. The biggest decision we will make for our children is what school they will attend.

Often moms think they are locked in to the school in their neighborhood. This is not the case. No matter what your budget, religious beliefs, or time, there are a bunch of school options that you can choose from. The school choice reference chart is so helpful for narrowing down your family’s values and your child’s learning needs. You will be able to pinpoint exactly what options will be best for your child to thrive.

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Books by Moms That Are Inspiring

Any of these books will inspire you, calm your fears and set your sights on the positive role you play in your child’s life. All moms have faults, will mess up at times, and have strengths to use to succeed.

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