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If your school age, high school, or college kids needs a math tutor, ZoomTutor is an online option.

We all gained a lot of insights about what our children were learning, their weaknesses and strengths, back when school went virtual. With all the virtual public school kids home, their school day was shorter than ours. I reduced the amount of work I was asking my children to complete each day.

Because I asked them to reduce their efforts, we inevitably had to play catch up.

Two of my children, despite being good at math from kindergarten to 3rd grade, started to need some remedial practice in 4th and 5th. That is the beauty of being on top of our kids’ academic achievement. We can catch where they need to review or re-learn.

For homeschool moms, that means re-teaching and letting the child go back over the info without shame.

For parents of children in school, that means being the right hand man to their teacher when it comes to your child’s achievement.

Especially nowadays, with all the news coming out from school boards around the country, parents need to be proactively involved in their child’s learning.

We do not have to stand by and just observe. Parents play a key role in a child’s achievement.

Online Math Tutor Options

One option I looked into was an online math tutor. Each of my children has thrived with a different approach.

An online math tutor could be the bridge that your child needs to move to a place of understanding and math success.

Online math tutors for kids where the first session is only $1. This is customized online tutoring for kids.

No Shame in Needing a Tutor

I really think it is important to show humility to my children. They benefit from knowing that I do not know how to do everything. I need to reach for helpful resources and can teach them how to do that too.

That reduces any potential for our kids feeling shame. Not understanding a math concept – or a few – is very common. Seeking help when we need it is a move toward success!


Online math tutors do not have to cost a lot. In fact, you can try out a session with ZoomTutor for $1! That allows you and your child to get a customized plan for success.

Benefits of ZoomTutor for Online Math Tutor

Your child will start with ZoomTutor simply by answering some questions about their math class and what they are struggling to understand. Your child gets matched with a perfect tutor based on the child’s need.

“Great math tutors help build the necessary skills for life-long success in STEM.”


The first tutoring session is a full session. No sales pitches or consultation. At that point, you and your child can customize your program. The online math tutor sessions can be weekly or daily. It all depends on your child’s needs and your budget.

>>> ZoomTutor even has in-home tutoring options in some cities. You can choose in-home math tutoring from ZoomTutor if you are in Austin, Denver, or Portland.

Whether your child is struggling to grasp basic math, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry or statistics, ZoomTutor has tutors who specialize in each subject that can help.

ZoomTutor was started by brothers, Eric and Andy Earle in 2021. Their goal was giving back to kids by creating a tutoring company that offered online, in-home and centers for tutoring.

They want to help parents manage their children’s learning. We all can appreciate the value of that!

Tutoring Road to Success

As soon as you notice a consistent problem with your child’s understanding of math, reach out to pull in additional resources to help.

ZoomTutor can assess your child’s math class struggles. They can help bridge the gap to greater understanding of math concepts.

I have learned as a homeschool mom that each year there are some concepts we have to go back and re-learn. It always leads to my child’s greater understanding.

Every child learns at their own pace. Your child can do it, especially with you as such a present and involved parent.

What subjects or concepts have you noticed that your child struggles with most? Have you had them take any academic assessments to look for learning gaps?

Online math tutor for kids with ZoomTutor customizes the math tutor experience to focus on your child's needs.