When I Feel Alone as a mom, wife and daughter of God.

I make a career of waiting. I am a military wife-hurry up and wait is part of my life. I am alone a lot. Whether it is waiting for my husband to get home after 3 weeks away at a field operation, or after a 6 month deployment. I wait a lot. Add in being a mom-you know how that goes-and I pretty much have to wait for everyone. Patience does not come easily.

Hitting a point in my season of motherhood-when I went from two children to four with the twins’ birth-where I could not even manage to find the time to host a playdate, I really became isolated. It was depressing.

My focus was not in the right place.

I was being impatient.

I have not always been the most patient person. Some who know me as a mom of 4 (including twins), who see how patient I can be (operative words CAN BE) juggling my children, may think I am lying, but I am not naturally a patient person. At the age of 8, while doing homework one night, I asked my mom for help on a math problem. At the end of her helping me through a stressful lesson, I said, “I think I will have to learn patience in my life.” At eight I knew patience was my weakness. God had plans for me. 

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The loneliness of motherhood (and life in general at times) can leave us wanting more. Patience in my time alone was hard to learn, and my focus in this season of motherhood is not always correct.