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Preschool letter matching activity plus a no-stress way to assess their letter knowledge with a game.

I created a really, really simple alphabet fridge magnet letter match activity that can be used on the front of the fridge with alphabet magnets. You only need 3 supplies to create this. There is also a simple no-stress assessment that works for checking your child’s letter knowledge built in. I know assessing preschoolers causes much debate, but I do it in simple play-based ways to be sure my preschoolers are prepared for Kindergarten.

I think almost every household with kids has a set of alphabet fridge magnets. If you don’t have one in your house, they are often in the dollar store or dollar aisle at major retail stores. You can even order basic alphabet letter magnets or fancy alphabet fridge magnet sets on Amazon.

There are so many activities for teaching preschoolers the letters and alphabet fridge magnets are a tool that works with multiple activities.

For this letter matching activity, you will be making a letter match board to hang on the front of the fridge so that your child can match the letters. One side will have the letters in order, the other side will have them in random order. I’ll tell you why this is important.

How to make an Alphabet Fridge Magnet Letter Match Activity


2 Pieces of construction paper

Black marker (or dark color)

Clear packing tape

Magnetic alphabet letters



Step 1) Using the marker, write the upper case alphabet letters on one piece of construction paper. Leave a little space in between each letter so that there is space for the magnets to stick.

Create a preschool activity for learning the alphabet that sticks to the fridge. Use alphabet letter magnets for a matching activity.

Step 2) On the other piece of construction paper, write the upper case letters in random order. Only write each letter once.

Create a simple alphabet letter assessment game for preschool. This no-stress assessment will challenge your preschooler and let you know what letters they still need to learn.

Step 3) Tape the construction paper with the letters in order facing you. I use clear packing tape on each edge.

Step 4) Place the alphabet fridge magnet letters on the fridge.

Preschool letter matching activity for the front of the fridge-use magnetic letters and construction paper to create 2 preschool letter matching activities to increase literacy skills in preschool children.

At this point, my preschooler has seen me prepare the activity and get it ready. We sing through the alphabet and I point to each letter as we sing together.

I then told her she can place the letter magnets on the paper where they match. At 3 to 4 years old this is a great activity for assessing the letters your child knows and also challenging them to increase their knowledge.

Preschool letter matching activity and no-stress assessment game. So simple to create-it takes about 5 minutes.

Once your child can match up all the letters on the first paper, you can tape the other paper up to challenge them further. Why? Singing the alphabet helps your preschool child solve which letter comes next. So the letters written in order allow the alphabet song to help the activity along. When you switch to the paper with the letters written in random order, your child can not rely on the song to help them match the letters, so their knowledge of what letters matches where can be assessed.


The assessment takes on the form of a new activity, so although it may challenge your child more than the front side, it does not feel like a test…even though secretly it is!


I have shared the assessment form I use to check my preschool children throughout the year before they start Kindergarten. You can find my preschool assessment form and Kindergarten assessment form if you would like to check your child’s skills. They are both free to download. 

Of course there is more to a child’s strengths than what is on an assessment form, but the form checks basic academic skills, and preschoolers need to be secure in those skills before they head to Kindergarten. It is possible to homeschool your child for preschool and still fully prepare them-or more-for Kindergarten. We have been using these 40+ Preschool Homeschool Activities as part of our curriculum at home.


I have many more preschool activities coming that we are using in our homeschool preschool activities. It will be exciting to share them with you!


What fridge magnet activities have you used in your house?

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