Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.

My toddlers were interested in colors around 2 years old. They would point and ask what color something was in their curious way. It’s one of the simplest lessons to teach because we can share color names easily as we go about our day.

“The stop sign is red.”

“This dog’s fur is brown.”

“Your yellow shirt matches my yellow shirt.”

This simple, hands-on color sorting activity uses colorful cut out foam or paper crayons to get 2-4 year olds color sorting. It is a busy bag activity that is really easy to create.

I share a link to free printable patterns you can use to make these out of paper or craft foam.

Crayon Color Sorting Activity


Free printable crayon patterns (1 large for each color and 3-4 small for each color)


Craft foam sheets (5 sheets, each a different color)


Black marker (optional)


How to make it:

Print out the large crayon pattern and the small crayons patterns.

Cut out the large crayon and one small crayon (if tracing them onto foam).

Trace the large crayon pattern onto each craft foam sheet one time, and cut out.

Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.

Trace the small crayon pattern onto each foam sheet 2 times. Cut out.

Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.

(If you are using paper crayons for this, print out 5 of the large crayon printables, color each a different color and then cut them out. Print out one sheet of the small crayon patterns, color 2 to match each large crayon. Then cut out.)

When all the crayons are colored and cut out, you can add detail with the black marker to make them look more like crayons, but this is optional.


Crayon Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers and Preschool:

Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.


I set the large crayons in a row. Pointing to each color, saying the color names. Then I set the small crayons out and asked my toddlers to match the small crayons to the large crayons.

If your child is just learning color matching, hand them one small crayon at a time. This will help them focus on just that color.

Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.

For older toddlers and young preschoolers, you can set this out on a table as a busy bag activity. It works really well during dinner prep time!

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Crayon color sorting activity for toddlers at home.

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