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Speed clean like those YouTubers do! Speed Cleaning tips to keep a clean home.

Are you into speed cleaning? A friend of mine told me about her speed cleaning videos on YouTube, and I had to check them out for some motivation and ideas.

Speed cleaning is basically doing a quick cleaning routine through your whole house to straighten and clean while not spending tons of time.

Those YouTubers really like to speed up their videos, so it really gets you motivated to clean!

This is a great topic for Homemaking Tips Tuesdays, because who doesn’t want to find a great cleaning routine? I know it is so helpful to have an established cleaning routine…even if it took me almost 3 years to get it figured out thanks to how much time I needed to spend with my kids.

Go easy on yourself if you can’t clean your whole house in one day. My friend Kendra’s videos will really show you a great checklist of ideas for tackling cleaning and straightening all in one go.

Kendra and I walk every week. She is a good friend and a devoted mom. I recently found out about her YouTube channel and why she started it. Her reason for sharing her videos is similar to my reason for starting this blog. It’s amazing how God brings two people together.

We actually met at MOPS. We’ve been building a friendship since.

If you don’t have mom friends that you can be real with-sharing your accomplishments and your failures without judgement-you need to get some!

Little did I know that Kendra was sharing on YouTube, and she did not know I had a blog. I want to share with you some speed cleaning tips that Kendra shared. Watching these makes me want to clean something!

Speed Cleaning Tips

Daily Cleaning Routine

This cleaning routine video is a great motivator. It takes you room by room to run down a checklist of straightening and cleaning tasks. Clean along with Kendra and you’ll be done in a flash.

This is a bit of a comprehensive cleaning routine that you may not have time to complete daily.  If so, check out the quick morning routine next.

Quick Morning Routine

Got a moms group to get to, or a playdate to make? This quick morning routine will help you feel accomplished before leaving the house.

Kendra takes you through her morning routine when she has an event planned with the kids outside of the house. Jot down the tasks you want to complete before you leave and work through them in speedy fashion. Then when you get home it won’t feel like your to do list is super long.

I love using this Daily Success checklist idea too. So helpful to think of “whole day success” as a stay at home mom. These tips for cleaning your house fast are very helpful too.

Kitchen Speed Clean

If you just want to complete some zone cleaning try this quick video about getting that kitchen in order. The mountain of dishes will be clean and put away before you know it!

Always use a natural cleaning solution, so you are keeping food and surfaces free from toxins.

Refrigerator Cleaning

I have shared tips for keeping the refrigerator organized, but what about cleaning it? Kendra has a great step by step plan for getting it all cleaned out, arranged well, and put back together so you can feel the accomplishment every time you open the refrigerator door.

Keeping it that way, well, that just may take a little effort.

Start with a Clean Slate

If pests are an issue, it may be best to take care of it in one treatment. Pest control can come in and provide you a clean slate to start your new cleaning routine.

It can be more efficient to hire pest professionals like pest control Melbourne FL so you feel confident that your home is clean and pest-free before you start a new cleaning routine.

The beauty of these speed cleaning videos is that Kendra is a real life mom of 2, stay-at-home mom, and she keeps a clean house. She can do it and I love that she shares her tips with us so we can do it too.

Homemaking tips Tuesdays where you find quick tips for keeping a clean and organized home.

What are your favorite speed cleaning videos over on YouTube?

Don’t forget to grab your free download Daily Success Checklist to help you feel more accomplished. Focus on what you do get done!

Speed clean like those YouTubers do! Speed Cleaning tips to keep a clean home.

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