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Kids and today’s technology do not always mix. Phones and tablets get dropped, and they do not always turn out ok after the impact. I was lucky a few months back. It was my own fault-the kids were not to blame. I had my phone in my pocket, leaned over to pick something up off the garage floor and the next moment I heard the impact of my phone on the concrete floor.  I thought for sure I would pick it up to find my cell phone screen cracked.

After a moment of terror that I would be completely cut off from the world (we only have cell phones), I picked up my cell phone, and realized that the screen was ok. The glass did not crack, but the plastic on the back did. The phone still worked, and I did not notice anything else wrong. It got me thinking, and planning for, if the results had been different.

What if the glass on my phone had cracked, but the phone was still in working order?

I have a friend that had this situation, and I remember her using her cell phone with cracked glass. She held out a while with that broken phone because they could not afford to just replace an item of that price. Going forward, I will use Clear Screen Fix, if my phone screen is ever cracked.
Today’s cell phones are expensive, so Clear Screen Fix provides an option to repair your phone if the cell phone screen cracked rather than pay to replace. You can keep your phone, and spend less. All you have to do is choose the speed that you want your phone repaired-yep, your choice. Costs range from $99 up to $139. A fraction of the cost of a new cell phone! Postage is paid and your phone gets repaired.It definitely would be tricky to be without my cell phone for a few days. With planning, I could use my husband’s phone while he was at work in case I had an emergency and needed to make a call. The repairs at Clear Screen Fix are quick. You can choose to have your cell phone screen repaired same day, overnight, or in a few days.

Whether the kids are the cause or, like me, you caused the crack, Clear Screen Fix is a great option if you want to look into repairing your cell phone screen rather than replacing your phone.  The Clear Screen Fix services work for versions of the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Check out the Clear Screen Fix website for all the details.

A great resource in this technology-filled world! Keep those phones safe.

Have you or the kids ever cracked your cell phone? What did you do-repair or replace?


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