Welcome to The SAHM Survival Guide!

Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Jaimi, and I am a mom who loves to encourage other mothers in the season of raising children, making a home and staying focused on the end goals of motherhood.

I am the mom of four including a set of twins. They are my full time job. I am also a military wife, writer and “professional” playdate planner. We have to meet mom friends somehow, right?!

You are invited to read and stay awhile. Let me tell you a little about how this site got started.

Shortly after my second child was born, a few friends of mine were not feeling like being at home with their kids was fulfilling. I wanted to encourage them. After sharing this idea, my closest mom friend suggested that I start a blog. I had no idea what a blog was at that time! So, I did a little research and just jumped in to it.

My mission started with a desire to help the moms who were wanting to be home with their kids but were not really understanding how it positively impacts their children.

I studied early childhood education and teaching in college, so I was able to study a lot about child psychology, family dynamics and what research shows about those two factors in the life of children.

I decided to channel that background and the feeling like I could really help moms who were just trying to survive at home caring for their families.

The stay at home mom survival guide is my little ministry. The blog has really grown from where it started. It is a resource for mothers, parents, and even teachers.

My tagline is staying home with your children and joyfully surviving it. And, I believe that we can work through the challenges of parenting and being moms and at the end of the day look back at the intentional actions we took in our homes and with our families to feel joyful about it.

What You Get Here at The SAHM Survival Guide

The blog contains tips, resources and encouragement for mothers. We focus on the value of our time at home, living to raise solid families, and working to create balance at home. In fact, you can receive my free 4-day course The Quick Start Guide to Achieving Balance at Home when you become an email subscriber.

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The SAHM Survival Guide is a labor of love. I am so glad you are here! Read through the recent posts, join our subscribers list so you can get that balance course, and leave a comment below. I love connecting!

Where you are from and how long you have been a mom?

The SAHM Guide was featured in the Top 20 Mommy Blogs. We have also been included in the most recent article on Twinkl’s top educational bloggers by the International educational publisher, Twinkl – you can read more here.